Friday, June 20, 2014

July Goosefulness...

Thanks for coming to Fox & Goose. I just wanna say that it's such a privilege to work at this crazy old pub and see all the sweet people. Sometimes they walk in for the first time and look around all fascinated, and I say to myself, "it's like I work at the Disneyland of pubs!" It reminds me that we have such a unique and fun place where variety and silly happens. Drink a beer, eat a scone, turn your omelet into a scramble, listen to the local sounds, and enjoy. Cheersburgers!

Northern Soul & Cornhole Every Wednesday!
Every Wednesday is Northern Soul and Cornhole, our weekly night of classic rare soul music, rocksteady, northern soul, garage, and the super fun bag toss game, Cornhole! 8pm/free Cornhole usually starts at 10pm after people have finished eating. Looks like Wednesdays may become board game night too. I'll keep you posted.

Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks
Thursday, July 3rd

Every first Thursday we have Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks. They play original Americana/folk with a twist. Enjoy good feelin' music and great beer at the Goose!

Scratch Outs
The Afterlife
Saturday, July 5th
Two great Sacramento groups! Scratch Outs play rocksteady reggae and feature Ras Matthew and Shannon Robertson on vox. They will steal your heart. The Afterlife play swing and bop jazz with slaptastic upright bass from Zack Slapanor and wiggly noodles from Joe Passian style guitarist Tyson Graf.  

Steve Mclane
Thursday, July 10th
Thursday the 10th it’s Steve McLane’s timeless acoustic tunes. Steve has been playing at Fox & Goose since the early days. He plays classics from Neil Young to the Beatles to Bob Dylan. It's a nice mellow way to spend a Thursday evening with a pint and a pasty. 8pm, free.

Mike Blanchard & The Californios
The F Street Stompers
Friday, July 11th

Mike plays Californicana and does it well. It's a matter of pride in the heritage of Califonia's American country and bluegrass music. Mike was the leader of legendary Sacramento rock band The Tattooed Love Dogs and now fronts The Californios with his wife Laurie. F Street are ragtime, a pinch of bluegrass, a dash of country, and a smidgen of gypsy with all the washboard bells and whistles. Goes great with a pint and a Ploughman's Repast.

City of Trees Brass Band
Saturday, July 12th
“While Certainly influenced by purveyors of the New Orleans second-line style of Jazz, City of Trees also cites less traditional acts like the Youngblood Brass Band and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble as sources of inspiration- groups from the Midwest that merge brassy jazz with hip-hop. gypsy rock and even punk. The result is an expectedly funky, yet unexpectedly contemporary party, with as many as 12 musicians grooving on trumpet, saxaphone, trombone, sousaphone, and percussion instruments.”

Janelle Bitker,
Sacramento News and Review

The Mike Justis Band
Thursday, July 17th

The Mike Justis Band plays acoustic folk on Thursday the 17th. Mike has played at the Goose for many many years, and his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing. Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, Steve O'Neil, Jeff Sears, and Steve McLane, you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic folk music.

Kally O'Mally
Gene Smith
Lucky Laskowski
Friday, July 18th
A night with some of Sac's best songwriters. Kally sounds like Annie Lennox, K.D. Lang, Dixie Chicks, Kelly Clarkson, and Adele and is bringing the whole band. Gene is the guitar god from Kai Kln. Lucky is Dan and is a sweet songwriting genius, and he makes the ladies howl and break things. Stilton cheese knees please.

Saturday, July 19th

Punch-Out features wild man and hair doer, Casey Sims and his band of sweet and fancy fistacuffers. Drink beer, eat bangers, and listen to music.

Songwriter Showcase with
Billy Felix
Erik Paul
Thursday, July 24th
Come to your Goose for a night of great music from 3 exciting local performers. They all play indie/folk. Get over here!

Erik Spencer
Friday, July 25th
Introducing the Led Zepplin-esque indie rock of Erik Spencer. Do you like large buildings made of bricks, a large assortment of beer and other spirits, and/or really good music in an intimate setting? Will you be my friend?

High-Low Jack (Grateful Dead Tribute Band)
The Campfire Crooners
Saturday, July 26th
Drawing upon the vast catalogue of Grateful Dead music, High-Low Jack takes and explores the songs in the moment each time they play. The Campfire Crooners are an original Americana-style band from the Sacramento and Foothills area.

Chicken & Dumpling
Thursday, July 31st
Chicken & Dumpling will be at the Goose on Thursday the 31st warming your night with down home blues. The duo consists of Charles the chicken on guitar and Julia the dumpling on bass. Enjoy this free show with a pint and a Shepherd's Pie... we don't have chicken and dumplings.

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