Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Goose Yourself Fitter

Friday, January 6th
Kevin Seconds

Kevin Seconds is back with another songwriter's in the round session and it's always great to have this international punk songwriter here at the Goose.

Saturday, January 7th
Working Man Blues Band and The Uncovered 

Hey, it’s really great blues from The Working Man Blues Band and The Uncovered open the show with fun and obscure covers! It’s quite satisfying! Celebrate great local music with us and have a cold one or ask for it to be popped in the nooka for that old warm pubby feel!

Friday, January 13th
Warren Bishop & Todd Weber and Que Bossa
Friday the 13th (be careful) is the seminal Que Bossa. Boss nova is a genre of Brazilian music made popular in the 50's and 60's. Listen to some Astrud Gilberto and you'll hear what these people do. Closing this one is acoustic rock from Warren Bishop and Todd Weber. They’re a couple of talented guitarist/singers influenced by bands like The Who and Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

Saturday, January 14th
Fem Dom Com (Female Dominated Comedy)

This will be spectacular! Jaime Fernandez has put together another hilarious night of female comedians for you at the pub. They are dominating this show, but I don't think they want to harm us...

Friday, January 20th
Chili Sauce (feat. members of Ideateam)Be Brave Bold Robot (Album Release), and Bellygunner

I like my bold robots like I like my coffee... immediately in my face and preferably preceded by a hug. I like my bellygunners like I like my scones... toasted, lightly buttered,  and covered in Devonshire cream. I like my chili sauce like I like my horn players... on the side and mild cause I'm a spice wuss and a little goes a long way especially with saxophones. I joke. Seriously, we are so proud to have Be Brave Bold Robot releasing their album at the Goose, each and every robot is a sweet boo boo that I want to cuddle. Bellygunner is incredibly accurate with beautiful soaring melodies and pretty rhythms. Chili Sauce closes the show and it will be a ridiculous dance party. 

Saturday, January 21st
Massive Delicious Duo and Full Time Mystic
Hey it's Dylan and Andre, they’re the co-front guys of Massive Delicious, and they blend reggae, soul, funk and jazz into a finely grinded down powder of eary sound candy. They’re so talented and fun, you might offer to take them home for a private performance. Also on the bill is Full Time Mystic featuring the incredible lickings of two fantastic guitarers, Jonathan Beach and Brett Vaughn Rechtfertig. With names like that you can bet you're gonna be mesmerized.

Friday, January 27th
Duke Chevalier and Sunmonks
January 27th expect a full house for this amazing show: The Sunmonks play lush and harmonious indie pop reminiscent of Talking Heads and Fela Kuti with hypnotizing rhythms. Duke Chevalier draws on diverse influences as Afro-Caribbean and West African folk music, spaghetti western scores, contemporary hip-hop, chartreuse music, American folksongs, and garage rock and he’s amazing! 

Saturday, January 28th
Mr. P Chill and DJ Mike Colossal

Incredible backpack rap and hip-hop from Mr. P Chill with DJ Mike Colossal. Other MC’s to be announced. Join us!