Wednesday, July 20, 2016

August is Fox and Gooselicious!

Yeah, that's right.

Friday, August 5th
Kevin (CD Release) & Allyson Seconds, Matt Woodcheke, and Alex Walker

Kevin & Allyson are the king and queen of Sacramento Americana-pop. Kevin is releasing his new solo album, "Band-Aide on a Bullet Wound." He is a brilliant song-writer. This Matt is from bands Radio Cure and The Banner Days. Alex Walker is very mysterious. He just moved here from Portland.

Saturday, August 6th
Fem Dom Com: Jesse Fernandez, Krista Fatka, Kim Martel, Becky Lynn

This will be spectacular. Jaime Fernandez has put together this cool night of female comedians for you at the pub. Don't worry, they won't kill you. They are dominating this show, but I don't think they want to harm us.

Friday, August 12th
Animals in the Attic and Que Bossa

Animals is a chill wave rock band from Sacramento. Psychedelic beach-pop. You know? Que Bossa does traditional bossa. Give me some pigs in a blanket (banger-rolls), please.

Saturday, August 13th
Pandoval, Vinnie Guidera and the Dead Birds, and Daniel Laskowski & the Liars Choir

Guys. Guys. Listen to these guys. Pandoval went from bedroom rock to garage rock. Ewww (with valley-girl accent). Vinnie does indie acoustic rock. And it's good. Lucky is Danny as Danny is Lucky. Now get out of here, kid! 

Friday, August 19
Tara Velarde (Tara Novellas)

Formerly billing as The Tara Novellas, this Songstress Indie Folk band from PDX unveils a new and exciting chapter as Tara Velarde. You'll find the same thought-provoking lyrics, sweet ringing keys, strong thumping percussion, and powerhouse vocals that you know and love - but under a new title.

Saturday, August 20th
Banjo Bones and The Pine Street Ramblers
Banjo Bones is an Americana songwriter named Pepe.  He's a "Whiskey infused philosopher, frustrated poet and wannabe cowboy, Banjo Bones sings themes of the present in a voice of the past." The Pine Streets say this, "Good time acoustic roots & grass from the Sierra Foothills with an edge...shades of Townes van Zandt & Gram Parsons." I like all that and you should also. Lots of bricks too!

Friday, August 26th
The Mindful and Massive Delicious

The Mindful play funky jazz Americana jams. Massive D sounds quite nice; Funky jazz reggae with sweet melodies. Yeah.

Saturday, August 27th
The New Past, Ken Koenig, and Brian Watson

The New Past is a rockin' bar band playing electric blues, classic cover tunes, and drinking songs. Ken is a rock & pop singer-songwriter and Brian is Buji who does solo acoustic country music. Whiskey!