Sunday, May 18, 2014

June at the Goose!

Happy June! Go to the river while it's still there, and enjoy our air conditioner and a cold Weihenstephaner Pilsner. We've also got some new fancy single malt Scotches!

Northern Soul & Cornhole Every Wednesday!
Every Wednesday is Northern Soul and Cornhole, our weekly night of classic rare soul music, rocksteady, northern soul, garage, and the super fun bag toss game, Cornhole! 8pm/free

Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks 
Thursday, June 5th
Every first Thursday we have Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks. They play original Americana/folk with a twist. Enjoy good feelin' music and great beer at the Goose!     

The Chick P's
The Rumblerz
Friday, June 6th

The Chick P's will inject you with a musical magic potion aimed at staving your craving for a ROCKin' good time! The Rumblerz play whatever they feel like, including: danceable rock, R&B, blues, and classic rock tuneage.

Joe Getty & The Dead Flowers
Saturday, June 7th
JOE GETTY & The DEAD FLOWERS play original songs built from traditional American music, just a little twisted, louder and nastier. Lots of guitar, vocal harmonies and a bit of twang with the bang, and featuring Joe Getty from the Armstrong & Getty radio show. Mononymous is a one-man-band dealio that does poppy pedal rock.

Steve Mclane
Thursday, June 12th
Thursday the 12th it’s Steve McLane’s timeless acoustic tunes. Steve has been playing at Fox & Goose since the early days. He plays classics from Neil Young to the Beatles to Bob Dylan. It's a nice mellow way to spend a Thursday evening with a pint and a pasty. 8pm, free.

Fu-kU & The Deadly Venoms Johnny Ray
Friday, June 13th
Fu-kU & the Deadly Venoms is fronted by Cory Fukuona and their sound is a mix between 90’s alternative music, and 60’s garage British rock. Johnny plays piano pop. Let's party!
The Followers of Sunshine
Saturday, June 14th

Old Cotton is led by the fearless Mike Fleming and they do good old rock & roll. Sometimes Mike dresses like Elvis. Mike is a sweet man. Followers is led by the kind and wonderful Jaime Espinosa and they play hippy rock. Jaime is also a sweet man. He has lots of guitar pedals too. Goose your face off!

The Mike Justis Band
Thursday, June 19th

The Mike Justis Band plays acoustic folk on Thursday the 19th. Mike has played at the Goose for many many years, and his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing. Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, Steve O'Neil, Jeff Sears, and Steve McLane, you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic folk music.

West Nile Ramblers
Friday, June 20th

The West Nile Ramblers play high energy western garage and take no prisoners. 

Drumlords of the Avenues
Bastards of Young
Saturday, June 21st
The Lords feature Johnny Bonnel from Swingin' Utters and play aggressive rock music. The Celestions are a soul band and feature Andrew Harrison. Bastards are rock & roll and don't drink fancy beer. We have Oly in the can, so don't worry about it.

Chicken & Dumpling
Chelsey Heidenreich
Thursday, June 26th
Chicken & Dumpling will be at the Goose on Thursday the 26th warming your night with down home blues. The duo consists of Charles the chicken on guitar and Julia the dumpling on bass. Enjoy this free show with a pint and a Shepherd's Pie... we don't have chicken and dumplings. Also singing her songs is Chelsey.

Hans & The Hot Mess
Xochitl (So-chee)
Friday, June 27th
Hans is a vibrant neo soul singer who plays electronic beats and guitar with his slick and funky side kick, Nyxi on bass, and hopefully their new drummer. Xochitl is a folk rocker, singer-songwriter, and leopard print enthusiast.

Adrian Bellue
Saturday, June 28th
Adrian is a fingerstyle harp guitarist who loves his dog. He is very unique and spiritual. EGG is an indie fusion jazz funk group with poppy undertunes.    

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