Wednesday, May 25, 2016

June choose Goose-juice!

Friday, June 3rd
Kevin & Allyson Seconds, Danny Secretion, and Mark Harrod
June choose Goose-juice. Kevin & Allyson are the king and queen of Sacramento Americana-pop, Danny is a super kind and creative diplomat of Sacramento music and a wicked songwriter and musician, and Mark Harrod is the songy wizard from Sacto's Popgun and The Love Doctors. Bring your friends and listen to this music! Wear something nice and smile at them. And have something to drink! Maybe it will loosen you up a little bit and you'll stop being so depressed. Have a pasty.

Saturday, June 4th
Nice Monster and Que Bossa
Oh Nice Monster... you are so scary but gentle. I feel nervous around you and vulnerable, but you're always so kind. Hold me. Que Bossa is like a lovely walk through a meadow in the spring. Bossa is a genre of Brazilian music made popular in the 50's and 60's. Astrud Gilberto is the queen of bossa music and Que Bossa brings this sweet and romantic sound. Have a martini.

Friday, June 10th
The Met Music Dept. Benefit with The Pat Reilly Trio
Hey, it's time for another Met Music Dept. Benefit. Opening the evening a bit earlier at 8:30pm is Pat Reilly and Frank French, featuring one of The Met's music students on guitars and vocals too. Give a little back to the kids so we can keep this music dream alive.

Saturday, June 11th
Merdog (E.P. Release), Rich Corporation, and Blue Oaks
Merdog has a new E.P., and if you like lush guitars and artful indie pop with clear and melodic female vocals then you'll want to get a copy at their release party. Rich Corporation does big Arctic Monkeysee and Strokesee type indie rock and do it well. Blue Oaks is This night of Sacramento music is not to be missed. Blue Oaks does bluesy indie soul with dark and loud reverbs and beats. Truly amazing! Be here!

Friday, June 17th
The Working Man Blues Band, The Bottom Feeders, and Albert Carranza

Michael Ware of the Working Man's Blues Band sings and plays the blues. The Bottom Feeders do indie pop and like The Smiths, The Strokes, and Talking Heads. Albert Carranza is the singer from Popesmashers and Armed Forces Radio and he's influenced by Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen. Great local music at your favorite pub!

Saturday, June 18th
Banjo Bones and Pine Street Ramblers
Banjo Bones is an Americana songwriter named Pepe.  He's a "Whiskey infused philosopher, frustrated poet and wannabe cowboy, Banjo Bones sings themes of the present in a voice of the past." The Pine Streets say this, "Good time acoustic roots & grass from the Sierra Foothills with an edge...shades of Townes van Zandt & Gram Parsons." I like all that and you should also. Lots of bricks too!

Friday, June 24th
Gillian Underwood & the Lonesome Doves and Jenn Rogar
Gillian is a wonderful songwriter and longtime Goose performer. Jenn is a lovely singer/songwriter specializing in folky protest songs.

Saturday, June 25th
Rich Corporation and Empty Wagon
Hey, look! Rich Corporation does big Arctic Monkeysee and Strokesee type indie rock and do it well. Empty Wagon has Rich Driver and Fred Nelson and Phil Bran and Steven Storey. These guys are nice guys. Pop/rock guys. Join us.

Friday, April 22, 2016

May the Fox & Goose be with you!

Friday, May 6th
Kevin Seconds, Spike McGuire, and Mason Hoffman
Kevin is back from his latest European tour. Join us for a night of punky Americana at his regular monthly Goose visit. Allyson and David Houston will probs be here too. Spike McGuire is the Six Mile Station frontman and plays acoustic political post-folk punk. Mason Hoffman is from Honyock and they play peyote-tonk and folkadelic psychwave. Super duper!

Saturday, May 7th
Clast and Jenn Rogar
Clast is back for one more Goose-show due to a last minute cancellation, so what the heck! Kelly lives in Oklahoma and we jumped at the opportunity to do one more performance of our artsy electro rock before he heads back home. Jenn Rogar is an amazing singer-songwriter/activist and a kind and giving soul. Join us for a night of honest and sweet music from the heart. 

Friday, May 13th
Whiskey & Stitches, The Rattlin' Bones, and Stepping Stone

Celtic music has soaked into the pub's bricks and wood. Join us for some of the best local acoustic Celtic folk and The Whiskey & Stitches. This amazing line-up brings forth some of the area’s best practitioners of neo-traditional folk and rock music. Stepping Stone brings it traditional style with fiddle, guitar and mandolin with tin whistles whistling and a bouzouki for good measure. The Rattlin’ Bones, formerly known as Halfpence and Haypenny, come down the hill to SAC town with guitars, banjos, a bouzouki, bodhran, and, we hope, that fine hurdy-gurdy played by Sage Arias. If you have heard Eva sing, this night you’ll be in for a musical treat. They usually do Americana with touches of Celtic (with a tip of the hat to Planxty) and a tad of Medieval. Whiskey & Stitches will add a harder edge to their Irish/American folk base. The band has been adding originals and some new covers lately. Plus, it has regained the keyed services of Steve with accordion in tow. What can we say? This is a kick-ass evening of folk music for the fine folks who like it. Come on!

Saturday, May 14th
Sacramento Historical Society Benefit: 50-Watt Heavy, The Dirty Feet, Be Brave Bold Robot, Stummies, and Patrick Skiffington with MC William Burg

Dean organized this and he says this: "William Burg historical lecture as MC... fundraiser for Sacramento County Historical Society --- 100 years ago, a "Causeway Celebration" happened in the region... oh, little did we know how unworthy of celebration our car culture would come to be... BUT, history is history, and they made a pretty poster for it. SO, to celebrate the centennial, a fundraiser for the Sacramento County Historical Society. William Burg will MC the thing and tell stories of history in the entertaining way that he does that... Five bands will be, in prossibly this order: ---

-- Jimbo, Johnnie, and Junior (pat skiffington's string ensemble, old timey fun!) --

-- STUMMIES (ex-The Inversions, great pop rock stuff)

-- Be Brave Bold Robot

-- The Dirty Feet (reunited just for this show! great prog rock originality)

-- 50 Watt Heavy bringing the awesome awesome Rock closing it out... "
Friday, May 20th
The Sea Legs Reunion with Blake Abbey and Rich Driver

Adam Varona has been around the block a couple times. He is a fascinating songwriter, a tasty guitarist, and a friendly musical enthusiast that we at Goose-music find absolutely adorable. We only want to pet him and feed him and keep him warm. Guess what, Blake Abbey is back in town, so they decided to do a Sea Legs original line-up show. Blake is a cheeky monkey with chunes galore. Rich Driver is a Californian songwriter that actually captures the sound of California. You can hear the sun in his songs and the trees and the rivers and the sea. Super sweet musical guys this night, don't miss it.

Saturday, May 21st
The Bottom Feeders, Katmonkeys, and Dolores 5000
Hey rockers! Get your act together and join us for Dolores 5000 doing her magical metal infused guitar manipulations. Such satisfying fretwork! Incredible lightning licks! Sick tricks and wiggles for your Saturday night. Katmonkeys are a surreal, gender vague, sex positive, kink friendly, band of fashion tragedies. They're gonna knock your socks off! The Bottom Feeders do indie pop and like The Smiths, The Strokes, and Talking Heads. A wonderful night of great music at your favorite public house. Meow!

Friday, May 27th
Benefit for Harm Reduction Services: The Storytellers and Infinite Vastness

We've all had our lives touched in some way or another by the effects of drug abuse. Whether it be a friend or a family member or yourself, it is everywhere. That's why instead of criminalizing and ignoring it, we should seek ways to make it safer or at least make services more available and effective for people who are stuck in addiction. HRS provides syringe exchange services, mobile outreach, HIV/HCV/STI testing, Ryan White Medical Case Management and Overdose Response Training(NARCAN). Located at 2800 Stockton Blvd in Sacramento. The Storytellers are Sacramento's premiere reggae band and they bring the good vibes with a conscious and compassionate message. Infinite Vastness are the latest and the greatest in Sacramento rock & roll. They have a heavy sound and a positive attitude. Let's get together and help the people of Sacramento who are less fortunate.

Saturday, May 28th
Ish and Pants Da Buzzard

Ish is a Sacramento rock band that sounds quite punk. Party music! Rock & roll! Good times, let's go! Pants does a twist on old timey sounding music perfect for your Goose. It's like r & b infused banjo music. Or rag timey soul and experimental indie sauce. His voice is good and different from song to song and his banjo skills are nothing to shake a stick at. I think he rocks the suitcase kick-drum too. You could drink whiskey to this music. You could also eat a pastie to it.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Lose your goose in April!

Thank you for all the Goose-music, Sacramento! 
Kevin & Allyson Seconds, Grub Dog Mitchell, and Jackson Griffith
Friday, April 1st

Kevin Seconds is here every first Friday of the month, and this time he's bringing Allyson, Grub Dog, and Jackson Griffith. Kevin is a magical song creature that constantly emits chunes. With his powerful superhero wife, Allyson, they are able to harmonize the entire world. Grub Dog is an Austin based singer, drummer, and leader of Sacramento's Amazing Sweethearts. Welcome back, Dog. He is a very nice man. Jackson is a great flower photographer, writer, and songwriter.

Infinite Vastness, Jeremy Settles and Devin Galdieri
Saturday, April 2nd

Infinite Vastness is pure Davis rock. They play real rock. Not just your dad's rock, it's new rock too. Rock hard guitars, rock solid drums, and rocking vocals. Rock! Solo songwriters, Jeremy Settles and Devin Galdieri play the Goose. Devin is from Davis band, the Liabilities, and Jeremy is also from Davis. Enjoy some cool guys and songs and bricks and beer and bangers and Branston Pickle and bourbon and bellies and Brian. There's gotta be a Brian here.

C.F.R. and Thought Squad
Friday, April 8th

Goose-music welcomes back psychedelic live trip hoppian laser lizards C.F.R. These guys will make you think about stuff you didn't know existed. They'll take you on a real groovey trip. Don't be afraid, it will eventually fade away. Just stay positive and surrender to the journey. Also involved is Thought Squad, which features some members of Ideateam. Mind expanders, unite!! 

Saturday, April 9th
Antique Naked Soul (r&b/hip-hop/beat-box)
Goose-music presents: Antique Naked Soul. We are so happy to have this wonderful group back. Pure and crucial hip-hop with dope harmonies and the best beat boxer you've ever heard. Loops and surprises meet such fun entertaining talent, you can't miss this exclusive Sacramento performance in your favorite pub!
Golden Shoulders and Sarah Bethe Nelson featuring Rusty Miller
Friday, April 15th
An evening of delightsome music with Nevada City's Golden Shoulders (featuring the great Dave Brockman) and returning hero Sarah Bethe Nelson (featuring the also-very-great Rusty Miller)! As a friend, I think you should attend this show.

One-Eyed Reilly and The Jumbuck Mob
Saturday, April 16th

Welcome back to One-Eyed Reilly and The Jumbuck Mob. What do Irish bands do the rest of the year? Well if you're these guys you keep playing and playing well. Jumbuck do Australian music inspired by and in remembrance of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). It's some guys from The Pikeys playing Australiacana. Reilly is a stiff uppercut and a shot of Powers for your troubles, and here's a pint of gat!

Sly Park
Friday, April 22

"Mix up a random sampling of alternative, punk, Americana, and R&B in a blender and you'll get a unique concoction of original rock 'n roll music that can only be delivered with the integrity of Sacramento's own SLY PARK." Love these guys, and their keyboardist is moving away so catch them before he goes.

Adam Varona and TBA
Saturday, April 23
He went away, but now he’s back. He songs, he sings. He’s a dreamer and a midnight screamer. Have a pint and a pasty you cheeky monkey.
Surface Tension
Friday, April 29th

Surface Tension plays a unique style of blues, jazz, and rock with great vocal harmonies and upbeat danceable rhythms. Sweet music by sweet people at a sweet pub!

Waste Money and Clast
Saturday, April 30
Waste Money is Elijah Jenkins from Eli & the Soundcult playing solo with neat sounds and beats behind his lyrical mouthy areas. Lots of looping, sampling and synth magic. Clast is Tom and my long lost pal Kelly B from Oklahoma. It's all moody post-punk electro-rock. Look what I can do! Here's the new full length here: