Sunday, August 21, 2016

Super September Goose-Music!

Goose-music would like to thank you for supporting local live music at Fox & Goose! 

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." Bob Marley

Friday, September 2nd
Adam Block, Natalie Cortez, and Jackson Griffith
Adam Block has been a local guitarist for 20+ years and is influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Van and it shows. He's wicked! Natalie Cortez led her Davis based band The Ultraviolets through the 90's with many great Sacto music peeps. She's back to sing for you and we're chuffed that she wants to play at the old Goose. Jackson Griffith is a songwriter that finds inspiration in simple things like flowers, housing developments, and old Lodi amongst other things. He's a sweet man. Goose-people unite!

Saturday, September 3rd
Infinite Vastness and Fully Covered
Taylor Clark is the main sound man for Goose-city. He leads Infinite Vastness through the mires of psychedelic blues-based rock & roll. He's a strat guy and he shreds. Fully Covered is a new local cover band playing 90's alternative like Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins. Remember the good old days of music? Let's relive it!

"Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness." Maya Angelou

Friday, September 9th
According to Bazooka, Banjo Bones, and James Israel
According to Bazooka play catchy Americana Pop songs that blend elements of rock and roll, country, zydeco and ska into a delightfully stuck in your head sing along album. Banjo Bones plays dark Tom Waitsy Americana and he's from Puerto Rico. His new violinist is from the Eastern European country of Georgia. They make such a great mysterious sound. James Israel plays uptempo rock & blues and whimsical country. Spend the evening with us and hear some unique roots music with a bunch of bricks and beer.

"I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me - like food or water." Ray Charles

Saturday, September 10th
Grub-dog's Birthday Celebration with Loose Engines, Alex Walker, and Jimbo, Johnnie, & Junior
Grub-dog's back from Austin and we as a community are better for it. Welcome back, and happy birthday old boy, you are an inspiration and a great friend. Hear and see one of the first performances of his new band, Loose Engines, playing rockabilly blues with a bit of country sprinkled in there. Alex Walker is now a member of the Sacramento music scene and his northwest roots bring sweet melancholy melodies and lonesome lyrics. Jimbo, Johnnie, & Junior play traditional hillbilly string music and infuse it with their wild sense of humor and creativity. Celebrate great local music with us and have a cold one!

"Music... it's the greatest healing force of the world" -Rosanne Cash

Friday, September 16th
Mr. P Chill, Peso 131, Mr. Hooper, Ms. Vybe, J.Smo, and Mike Colossal
Local hip hop artist/producer/label chief, Mr. P Chill is a positive force for our musical community. He's put together this incredible showcase of crucial rappers for us. Peso131 of the legendary old school NYC hip-hop group, Fearless Four, is headlining the show. His group's biggest hit was 1982's "Rockin' It" which was featured on cult classic graffiti movie "Style Wars" as well as some of his visual art. Peso is one of the original NYC subway graffiti artists. Beats by DJ Mike Colosal too!

Saturday, September 17th
High Low Jack and The Cheeseburger Boys

Do you like the Dead? These guys will fulfill all your Grateful Dead needs. Brian LeVene leads High-Low Jack and comes back to Sac to share his peace and love every now and then. The Cheeseburger Boys have a girl and do the jam band feel too. A Miracle - a free ticket to a Dead show that a fellow Head gives you just out of peace, love and concern.

"Music is my religion." -Jimi Hendrix

Friday, September 23rd
Elijah Jenkins (Eli & the Sound Cult/Waste Money), Brian Croom (Jem & Scout), David Adams (Garble)
These guys are nice guys. Musical guys. Important guys. I cant get enough of these guys! Eli is a genuine sweetheart and blends guitars with electronic beats and synthy sounds. Brian is the bass guy from Jem & Scout and I don't think he's gonna be playing bass solos, but whatever he does I'm gonna like it. David plays bass and sings in Garble and he does it with feeling. He'll bring the feeling, but I don't anticipate bass solos here also. Sweet guys, lovely music, bricks, beer, limited seating, emotions, attraction, ears, feet... with shoes, upholstery, wood, water closets, and friends.

Saturday, September 24th
The Speak Low, The Triple 7's, and Emma Simpson
Indie rock at Goose-city! The Speak Low are electronic and acoustic experimental songwriters. We love that! The Triple 7's are influenced by early Pixies but they don't have a bass player. But they don't need one, they're great! Emma Simpson is a co-founder of Girls Rock Sacramento, a non profit that helps empower girls through music. We love this too! I can't stop yelling!!!!!

"There, in the chords and melodies, is everything I want to say. The words just jolly it along. It's always been my way of expressing what, for me, is inexpressible by any other means." -David Bowie

Friday, September 30th
Hans & the Hot Mess and Beyond Uranium

Hans is like a baby honey badger on a hot Sacramento day. His music can kill cobras easily and he doesn't care if a cobra is deadly. He just slays like that. Beyond Uranium features great local jazz musicians especially UC Davis Professor of Music, Delbert Bump. There's gonna be a lot of bumping going on here, folks...

"I do know the effect that music still has on me - I'm completely vulnerable to it. I'm seduced by it." -Debbie Harry

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

August is Fox and Gooselicious!

Yeah, that's right.

Friday, August 5th
Kevin (CD Release) & Allyson Seconds, Matt Woodcheke, and Alex Walker

Kevin & Allyson are the king and queen of Sacramento Americana-pop. Kevin is releasing his new solo album, "Band-Aide on a Bullet Wound." He is a brilliant song-writer. This Matt is from bands Radio Cure and The Banner Days. Alex Walker is very mysterious. He just moved here from Portland.

Saturday, August 6th
Fem Dom Com: Jesse Fernandez, Krista Fatka, Kim Martel, Becky Lynn

This will be spectacular. Jaime Fernandez has put together this cool night of female comedians for you at the pub. Don't worry, they won't kill you. They are dominating this show, but I don't think they want to harm us.

Friday, August 12th
Animals in the Attic and Que Bossa

Animals is a chill wave rock band from Sacramento. Psychedelic beach-pop. You know? Que Bossa does traditional bossa. Give me some pigs in a blanket (banger-rolls), please.

Saturday, August 13th
Pandoval, Vinnie Guidera and the Dead Birds, and Daniel Laskowski & the Liars Choir

Guys. Guys. Listen to these guys. Pandoval went from bedroom rock to garage rock. Ewww (with valley-girl accent). Vinnie does indie acoustic rock. And it's good. Lucky is Danny as Danny is Lucky. Now get out of here, kid! 

Friday, August 19
Tara Velarde (Tara Novellas)

Formerly billing as The Tara Novellas, this Songstress Indie Folk band from PDX unveils a new and exciting chapter as Tara Velarde. You'll find the same thought-provoking lyrics, sweet ringing keys, strong thumping percussion, and powerhouse vocals that you know and love - but under a new title.

Saturday, August 20th
Banjo Bones and The Pine Street Ramblers
Banjo Bones is an Americana songwriter named Pepe.  He's a "Whiskey infused philosopher, frustrated poet and wannabe cowboy, Banjo Bones sings themes of the present in a voice of the past." The Pine Streets say this, "Good time acoustic roots & grass from the Sierra Foothills with an edge...shades of Townes van Zandt & Gram Parsons." I like all that and you should also. Lots of bricks too!

Friday, August 26th
The Mindful and Massive Delicious

The Mindful play funky jazz Americana jams. Massive D sounds quite nice; Funky jazz reggae with sweet melodies. Yeah.

Saturday, August 27th
The New Past, Ken Koenig, and Brian Watson

The New Past is a rockin' bar band playing electric blues, classic cover tunes, and drinking songs. Ken is a rock & pop singer-songwriter and Brian is Buji who does solo acoustic country music. Whiskey!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

July you guys!!!!!

Friday, July 1st
Honky D & the Short Raps Project set: M2 & the People, Tribe of Levi, Comfort Creature (Humboldt), 9pm/$10
Little Deany Haakenseany is Honky D, and when he's not hootin' and hollerin' with Be Brave Bold Robot he likes to rap! Here he is all naked and spittin'. Honky D describes The Short Raps Project as "a bunch of one minute raps (all winners in any "one minute song contest" perhaps), done by me and other people who don't usually rap, and a few who do... showing that anybody can rap... rap is just lyrical poetry put to some sort of beat, or a song, or a silence... rap is what you make it..." The $10 cover also gets you a copy of the Short Raps Project album. Enjoy some great conscious hip hop from Tribe of Levi, M2, and Comfort Creature (Humboldt).

Saturday, July 2nd
Kevin Seconds, Bobby Jordan, and Grub Dog

Kevin Seconds is a magical song creature that constantly emits chunes. He set the tone when he started his band 7 Seconds 37 years ago, and now he is one of the most prolific songwriters in the style of acoustic indie pop with country/Americana all up in it. He still tours and records with his original punk band, and calls Sacramento his home. Bobby Jordan is also songing and he played bass in The Mr. T Experience. Grub Dog is an Amazing Sweetheart! So there.

Friday, July 8
Shiloh & Marion and Que Bossa

Shiloh & Marion do folky soul. Que Bossa is like a lovely walk through a meadow in the spring. Bossa is a genre of Brazilian music made popular in the 50's and 60's. Astrud Gilberto is the queen of bossa music and Que Bossa brings this sweet and romantic sound. Have some Scotch.

Saturday, July 9
Infinite Vastness and Cory Norris & Good Company
Infinite Vastness is Taylor Clark's magical rock & roll band. They get wild. They get vicious. They take their shirts off and make you stare at their nipples. Cory plays funky rock. Enjoy.

Friday, July 15
Thick Soup and Rich Driver 

Rich Driver is a Californian songwriter that actually captures the sound of California. You can hear the sun in his songs and the trees and the rivers and the beach. Thick Soup does progressive Americana and do it well. Super sweet musical peeps this night, don't miss it.

Saturday, July 16
Adam Varona, Noah Nelson, and Sami Jo

Adam is a fuzzy little Tabby. He loves playing, pets, treats, and naps in the sun. He's also a wonderful performer. Noah is the singer/guitarist of Las Pesadillas and Radio Orangevale. His songs are sometimes dark, usually kind of quirky, and quite possibly influenced by Neutral Milk Hotel and Black Francis! I love him. Sami is a country singer-songwriter from Redding and writes catchy and emotional songs. Let's party!
Friday, July 22
Yours Truly, Michelle and JonEmery

Yours Truly, Michelle is 60s pop and soul, infused with Americana roots-rock. JonEmery is a honky-tonk troubadour.  Join us.

Saturday, July 23rd
The F Street Stompers, Stummies, and Jessica Malone
F Street play old-timey ragtime music and they are so incredibly sweet. The Stummies are extremely nice guys too. They always take care of their loved ones first and pay all their bills on time. They're fun-lovin fellas that enjoy the simple things in life. Always kind and pleasantly dressed, the Stum-guys quite often will help out a strange granny. Don't be shocked if you get a gentle massage or a compliment from one of these fine gentlemen. You deserve to have them in your life. And Jessica is absolutely just as kind and wonderful. I can't say enough good things about her. She moved here from Portland recently and that's nice. A little nice goes a long way.

Friday, July 29th
The Storytellers and Honey B & the Cultivation
The Sacramento Storytellers are reggae kings and Honey B is the Lioness. Positive vibrations at your favorite pub! Reggae music!

Saturday, July 30th
The Working Man’s Blues Band and Mango Jennings

Michael Ware of the Working Man's Blues Band sings and plays the blues. His band is solid and fierce. Mango writes awesome folky songs sometimes with beats. Stilton cheese please.