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October 2019 at Fox & Goose

Friday, October  4th
Sacto Storytellers and Yogoman & Bongo Jac
Sacto Storytellers strive to move your feet with a blend of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, and Soul riddims delivered with an unapologetic Punk Rock attitude. A mellow duo version of YOGOMAN songs featuring Jordan Rain on guitar & vocals with his wife Jacqueline on bongos & vocals. Reggae, Soul, Jazz Lounge

Saturday, October 5th
Fully Covered

Fully Covered is a local cover band playing 90's alternative like Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins. Remember the good old days of music? Let's relive it!
Friday, October 11th
Adam Varona, House of Mary, and Scotty McConaha
Adam Varona is from The Inversions and Sea Legs, his music is heart-felt, melodic, and wonderful. House of Mary is fun, flirty, clever, sexy, unique, and they rock out pretty hard. Scott plays whimsical and melodic pop tunes.

Saturday, October 12th
Petunia and the Vipers plus Twilight Drifters

It's going to be a beautiful and soulful night of music with this crazy good line up! Petunia and The Vipers are making a very rare intimate appearance and Sacramento's beloved Fox and Goose!

If you have not heard of this incredible act, have a look at their bio:

"Louis Armstrong was once asked what his favorite kind of music was, and his response was simple; “Good music”. Petunia & the Vipers’ sound may not sit comfortably in one certain genre, but “Good Music” describes it well. Hank Williams on acid… Tom Waits meets Elvis at Woody Guthrie’s Hobo junction… Avant-Country night club scene music… One of the best bands in the world today, of any kind… hillbilly-flavoured-swing inflected-ragtime-goodtime-thunderously rolling-one-of-a-kind-you-don’t-want-to-miss-this-sort-of-a-show… A new music that springboards off of music of the past and jumps into the present day, left with only echoes of the past… Something in between 1920’s and steam punk. It’s good for your mind… These are just a few of the words uttered by folks around the globe trying to pin down a description of all that is Petunia & The Vipers.
If one wished to talk about the birth of the blues, one would need to dig into the influences that preceded it’s birth. The same is true about Petunia & the Vipers. If they followed a recipe and added musical styles as ingredients, it would start by simply adding country and blues, and we’d have your basic dry ingredients right there, but lacking the true essence of their sound. Mix in a dose of ragtime, some Dixieland jazz, a hint of bebop, some western swing and old time cowboy music, a bit of jug band & string band music. Flavor with a significant dose of Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams, and a bit of Blind Willie McTell, Blind Lemon Jefferson and a few more “Blind” spices. Now you’ve got the batter for a cake. Bake on high with the dotted rhythms of Cuban, Mexican, Peruvian, Romanian and African folk music. Ice the whole cake with some punk rock, alternative and Bowie (who also spins off a host of influences of the UK music past), and you’ve got a delectable musical concoction…part old-tyme, part new times, part no time at all, part all-of-the-time…
Sun Ra said, “the key to freedom is discipline”. You cannot break the rules if you do not understand the rules. Petunia and the Vipers’ sound is a familiar and yet wholly new music for that reason: they intimately understand the rules of classic Americana music(s) and where the edges of that painting lie…and they refuse to paint inside of the lines at any time. This is a new and modern band playing unadulterated, unclassified, unleashed sounds that rhyme with older sounds of the past, and are furiously driving the future wave of a new idiom."

Joining the show are Sacramento's own danceable Rockabilly and Americana act: The Twilight Drifters!

A fantastic line up that you do not want to miss!

21 and up, $10 cover

Friday, October 18th
Working Man Blues Band and Whilt Spiskey
WMBB: A high octane rock and electric blues band. Jumpin Jay Cavileer will be joining the group bringing you heavy versions of Hendrix, King, Guy and all the blues hero’s tunes plus a few originals. Whilt Spiskey is a jam/funk band.

Saturday, October 19th
Would-Be Train Robbers, J. Graves, and Little Black Cloud
After a four year writing hiatus front woman Jessa Graves (HelloKopter) returns to her purpose with the first full-length record of her musical career. Heavily influenced by Karen O, PJ Harvey, Emily Haines and other indie/post-punk heavy hitters, Jessa Graves sings with the most heart wrenchingly beautiful grit you can get. Graves makes sweet and agonizing garage rock for the ghosts of lovers past. Portland-based, Graves is joined by Barret Stolte on Bass and Aaron MacDonald on drums. Little Black Cloud is a rock n' roll/dirty blues band from Chico, CA. Would-Be Train Robbers is a little bit indie, a little bit jammy, and a whole lotta rock ’n’ roll, with influences ranging from early Aerosmith and Elvis Costello to the Strokes and Alabama Shakes.

Friday, October 25th
Dolores 5000 and Tim Crump
Dolores 5000: Dream-rock, space/prog/shred for your dining and dancing pleasure. Tim Crump plays ukulele at senior centers and does a mix of covers including rock, country, classics, pop, and a little bit of everything.

Saturday, October 26th
Killer Couture, Slutzville, and Corroded Master
Killer Couture was brought to life when they first took their unique brand of industrial music to to the stage, blending dadaesque performance art with raw, punk rock energy. Though being reminiscent of and inspired by 90's industrial acts, they explore a sonic palette that is all their own--all the while drumming on junk. Grass Valley's Slutzville plays high energy punk-rock. Corroded Master is for the most part an aggressive electronic or industrial electronic musician.
$10-$5 No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds (NOTAFLOF)

Saturday, August 24, 2019

September 2019 Music at Fox & Goose

Friday, September 6th
Alex Walker and Kentucky Trust Fund

Alex Walker has been compared to Elliott Smith, Keane, Pedro The Lion, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and Gotye. KTF is a 5 piece Americana/eclectic band from Sacramento, made up of current and former members of the New Past, Delta City Ramblers, and Mezcal Aces.

Saturday, September 7th
KC Shane, Alison Bohannon, James Love, Ben Cole and Mona V
KC Shane
Accoustic singer-songwriter KC Shane is known for his strong and soulful voice, powerful lyrics and overall moving music. He grew up in Indiana but has claimed Sacramento as his home for 7.5 years. He is a proud transgender man and strives to use his music to heal and bring people together. When he is not working on music he is an advocate for many things pertaining to the queer and marginalized communities and the anti-violence movement. He is currently in the process of building a band and setting up recording and touring dates. You can find him and his music on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook which can all be found at
Mona V
Singer-songwriter, Mona V grew up in the Sacramento area with a family who influenced her passion for music. Mona grew up singing in church and found a love for writing acoustic-soul music. Throughout her musical career she has sang at Sacramento Kings games, Rivercats games, opened up for R&B artist Ella Mai, and even sang in front of Simon Cowell. Mona continues to perform her acoustic-soul sounds at local coffee shops, breweries, charities, and NBA games.
Ben Cole
Ben Cole is a 24 year old local Sacramento Artist. In the vein of R&B with a Pop twist he has been involved in several music projects as a singer-songwriter, collaborator & performer. His latest release titled “Moonlight” displays this blend perfectly.
Ben likes to use his music to speak to social issues that are easy to ignore. Acceptance, love, encouragement & challenge flow as a theme throughout his songs.
James Love
Songwriter from Roseville, CA writing mellow acoustic songs about hope and peace.
Alison Bohannon
A local soulful and powerful singer songwriter who works as an ER nurse by day.

Friday, September 13th
Mr. P Chill, Cleen and Oscar Goldman with Complimentary Colors
Check out some fun, local hip-hop from Mr. P Chill and friends. Complimentary Colors dances through a rainbow of emotions with childlike joy as they play small, often unusual instruments behind their lush harmonies. Hear them explore their folk and country roots together, adding touches of the theatrical, while they steal your heart with their catchy, heartfelt tunes and the love that they share.

Saturday, September 14th
According to Bazooka and Natalie Cortez
According to Bazooka's catchy songwriting style has a retro feel of the 1960s. These melodic musings feature three point harmony and a folk-rock vibe that calls to mind a nostalgic era of pop music. According to Bazooka features Richard Urbino (vocals, guitar), RenĂ© Martucci, (vocals, accordion) and Jamie Knapp (vocals, upright bass). Natalie Cortez is a great local songwriter and Sammie Hall of Famer, and plays folk-rock-pop.

Friday, September 20th
Western Spies & the Kosmonaut and Kal Madsen

Western Spies & the Kosmonaut is a local psychobilly band. Have a pasty! Kal Madsen's music is rockabilly/folk/indie rock.

Saturday, September 21st
The Higher Mansions, Dive Bar Bombers, and Coast Office

The Higher Mansions feature members of The Ancient Sons, Army Of Trees, and Rock The Light.  Dive Bar Bombers are a power trio playing a satisfying blend of blues, rock, power pop, and soul. Coast Office is a new project from Stockton, California featuring concise and kinetic pop songs referencing Beach Fossils, JAMC, and Henry's Dress. Coast Office is staffed by the writer Bill Anders and Electro Group's drummer Matt Hull. The simplicity of parts - drums - guitar - ukulele - bass - blend with Anders' deep and dry voice to make each 2-minute magic trick.

Friday, September 27th
Eboni Esra, Finley, Scorpio Moon, and Temple K. Kirk
Eboni Esra (low-fi), Finley (spoken word), Scorpio Moon (punk pop), Temple K. Kirk (propaganda)

Saturday, September 28th
Danger Force 5, The Blender Bombs, & Ruby Cocktails
Fun Monkey Entertainment presents Danger Force 5! Ruby Cocktails! The Blender Bombs! Fox & Goose! $5! Get hammered that night, then get recovery breakfast there the next morning, gotta love the versatility at Fox & Goose! Opening up the show are The Blender Bombs doing a special stripped-down show to set the mood, then it's time for Ruby Cocktails and then Danger Force 5. DF5, Ruby Cocktail, and The Blender Bombs! Let's get dangerous.

Ruby Cocktails is a Swing/Cocktail/Rockabilly/Surf project with leanings toward Peggy Lee, June Christie, Julie London, April Stevens, etc.

Have some links!

Danger Force 5:

Ruby Cocktails:

The Blender Bombs:

Fun Monkey Entertainment:

Monday, July 22, 2019

August 2019

Friday, August 2nd
Hank & Lulu (Kevin & Allyson Seconds) and Vinnie Guidera & The Dead Birds
Kevin & Allyson's beautiful harmonies make the world a better place. Nice Monster features sweet sweet Matthew Gerken on vocals and they play fun, melodic, progressive rock. Vinnie Guidera does inventive moody indie rock with poetic lyrics and intensely dynamic arrangements.

Saturday, August 3rd
The Backburners and Band of Coyotes
The Backburners are a 4-piece local funk group looking to bring the heat. Looking forward and writing the next chapter in the funk history book, The Backburners certainly look back and pay homage to the greats who came before them and laid the funk foundation for years to come. Covering the sonic landscapes of New Orleans, Memphis, New York, London and more, The Backburners are sure to bring this party to a boil and let it simmer all night long. Band of Coyotes came together as vagabond songwriters who drifted into California’s diverse music scene and began blending their sounds and stories into a unique mix of rock, folk, and blues.
Friday, August 9th
Bruberries and The O'Mally Sisters: Kally & Ally

The O'Mally Sisters: Kally & Ally specialize in bringing the fun. Ally sings backup and plays her #rockandrollviolin to Kally's well crafted songs with a few fun covers thrown in. The Bruberries are an acoustic band of friends who bring goodtimes and revelry to the pubs and breweries of Sacramento! Fun Acoustic covers, bluegrass, and originals are sure to keep the party going. Cheers!

Saturday, August 10th
According to Bazooka and Gabe Lewin
Americana Pop band According to Bazooka brings audiences a lively show of inviting original music. Their songs dip into the communal subconscious to come up with instant favorites that blend catchy melodies with timeless lyrics. A little bit jazzy, a little bit folky, a little bit bluesy, A2B delivers their signature retro-pop sound with a blend of archtop guitar, accordion, upright bass, drums, and vocal harmony. A2B's lively songs and honest lyrics invite listeners on a journey of everyday humanity. A2B's neo-folk stylings recently gained the band two 2019 Sacramento Music Award SAMMIES nominations. Singer-songwriter Gabe Lewin performs with energy and an authenticity that reaches deep with in your soul. Offering up an enticing collection of original songs and surprising covers from deep in the bag. Lewin focuses on stories, interesting lyrics and engaging melodies. Joining is Lane Suarez on vocals.

Friday, August 16th
The Dive Bar Bombers and Tim Crump

Dive Bar Bombers are a power trio playing a satisfying blend of blues, rock, power pop, and soul. Tim Crump plays ukulele at senior centers and does a mix of covers including rock, country, classics, pop, and a little bit of everything.

Saturday, August 17th
The Triple 7's and Adam Block
The indie rocks of The Triple 7's are incredible! Adam's music is a blend of classic electric blues, rock and roll, acoustic exploration with various finger-picking styles inspired by blues, jazz, country, classical music and even music from Senegal in West Africa.
Friday, August 23rd
Blame the Bishop
Blame The Bishop exists at the intersection where traditional American rock and British Pop meets...

Saturday, August 24th
Annah Anti-Palindrome, Amina Shareef-Ali, Eboni Esra, and Piyah Martell
Annah Anti-Palindrome is a musician, Optical Sound-Smith, and queer/femme antagonist currently living in Oakland. Amina Shareef Ali performs songs of love and struggle. Poignant and revealing verse reminiscent of Leonard Cohen or Conor Oberst is set against a backdrop of American music both traditional and modern, from folk to punk to country to rock and roll. Eboni Esra is addicted to Slim Jim’s, singing and cute animals💜. She loves freely and WeCozyBroke is her baby. 

Friday, August 30th
Elvis Cantu
"Elvis CantĂș hails from the wild n' crazy state of Texas, and has a very unique and wild sound to his original music. Mix a bit of Rockabilly with some western swing, then mix in a bit of jazz (the good jazz), infuse it with some rock n' roll and a bit of country and swamp rock, and then you're gonna be close to his wild n' crazy sound." -Reb Kennedy, Feb 2018

Saturday, August 31st
Parlor Tricks and The Cantaliers
Parlor Tricks is the world’s first and foremost industrial ragtime band, scratching that hard to reach spot between Fats Waller and the Ramones. The Cantaliers are Northern California's hottest blend of Rockabilly, Surf, and Swing.