Wednesday, May 24, 2017

June it is!

Friday, June 2nd
Kevin & Allyson Seconds, Nolan, and Julie Bruce
Goose people! So lucky to have such great musical friends in Sac and at Fox & Goose. Please enjoy them in this intimate setting. Kevin is a legendary punk/Americana songwriter, Allyson is an incredible musical talent, Nolan is back with his fun poppy tunes, and Julie is a force of nature and a dear friend for days and shoot. Meowzers. 

Saturday, June 3rd
Red Sky Sunrise, Jenn Rogar
Red Sky Sunrise is a female fronted rock & roll band with solid and genuine songs that will inspire you to rock! Jenn "is a rabblerouser, a folksinger, and a singer/songwriter in the tradition of Holly Near and Joan Baez" and she's also an all around wonderful person. Let's have some tea and scones with Devonshire cream and I'll tell you all about it.

Friday, June 9th
Que Bossa and Alex Walker
Cool bossa music goes great with booze. Alex Walker does indie rock. He was big in the 90's and now he's all mine. 

Saturday, June 10th
Fem Dom Com
Cool bossa music goes great with booze. Alex Walker does indie rock. He was big in the 90’s and now he’s all mine.

Friday, June 16th
Mr. Hooper, P Chill, Mike Colosal, The Great Peso 131, Poor Majesty, Max Bundles & No Name Cavalcade
Local hip hop artist/producer/label chief, Mr. P Chill is a positive force for our musical community. He's put together this incredible showcase of crucial rappers for us. Peso131 of the legendary old school NYC hip-hop group, Fearless Four, is headlining the show. His group's biggest hit was 1982's "Rockin' It" which was featured on cult classic graffiti movie "Style Wars" as well as some of his visual art. Peso is one of the original NYC subway graffiti artists. Beats by DJ Mike Colosal too! 

Saturday, June 17th
Rich Corporation
Rich Corporation play indie rock and would like to get paid. Make it rain!

Friday, June 23rd
Spacewalker and Catchakoala
Spacewalker says, "James Brown is the godfather of soul. Michael Jackson is the King of pop. I AM THE KID SISTER OF ROCK N' ROLL AND THE QUEEN OF INTERSTELLAR BEATS. Spacewalkin' to a venue near you! :D" Catchakoala is like live hip-hop group, The Roots, and now features reggae singer Empress Nico. Fun stuff at your favorite old pub.

Saturday, June 24th
Sac Ladyfest presents: Mallard, OverState, and OddMoniker (with special guest Temple K. Kirk)

Alright, alright... It's Mallard and Temple K. Kirk from Katmonkeys. Let's be realistic! Mallard does quirky punk rock or quirnk rock. Temple is an experimental pop songstress who writes powerful songs of liberation with "trippy sideways musical grooves" as quoted from her recent News & Review write up. Tonight she performs with Odd Moniker and we're still learning about Overstate. Let's party!

Friday, June 30th
Working Man's Blues Band and The Gold Souls

It's a great time to swing by the Goose for bluesy soul from The Gold Souls and bluesy blues from Working Man's Blues Band. Try to make this a priority and stop looking at your phone for a second.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

May I have some more fish & chips, please? 2017! F and G!

I love food

I love music

I love Fox & Goose!

Don't forget about us as our town seemingly explodes with new places. We're still the fun and quirky pub you've always loved, and you can continue to enjoy great music and food until the end of the world! And the beer is tremendous!

Friday, May 5
Jason McAlister and Adam Block
Can I get a what what?!?!?! Guitars are a man's sword and he must slay you with it or suffer eternal fire and sorrow. No one is safe, especially from these two git-wizards. Don't be a fool... you have to stand here and get slayed.

Saturday, May 6
The Silent Game and Alex Walker

The Silent Game has been compared to Radiohead, Placebo, Deftones and Elliott Smith and may leave you feeling like you've been pummeled by a 1990's wall-of-sound... with all the latest software upgrades. Alex's reverbnation page has him compared to Elliott Smith, Keane,Pedro The Lion, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and Gotye. I'm going to this for sure!

Friday, May 12 
South Fork and Que Bossa

It's the best local bossanova group around, Que Bossa! And introducing, Southfork. They've been compared to The Black Keys, The Black Crows, Kings of Leon, and Jack White Let's party!

Saturday, May 13
Fem Dom Com (Female Dominated Comedy)
This will be spectacular! Hosts Jaime Fernandez and Emma Haney have put together another hilarious night of female comedians for you at the pub. 

Friday, May 19
Na'an Stop and Honey B and the Cultivation
Reggae and all it's forms has been kind of a tradition at the Goose since at least the third wave days of Filibuster. Colorado band, Na'an Stop's reggae/rock foundation is fused with funk, ska, and hip hop with harmonious brass pieces, heavy drum beats, and wicked guitar play. Honey B has been flipping the table with her empowering funky reggae. She brings the ultra-positive vibes with her lioness anthems and Jamaican patois roots.

Saturday, May 20 
Be Brave Bold Robot, Temple K. Kirk, Hammerhead (Portland), and Poor Scene

Dean? Buddy? You have to be kidding. Our conversations are very kind and supportive as we walk through the park. You are a brother to me and many. As you poetically cuddle everyone with love and respect, we the people that get to know you are inspired to do the same. You should probably consider registering as a religion for the tax breaks... Temple K is a lovely and an equally kind artist and activist. Hammerhead is folk from P-landia. Poor Scene has yet to reveal itself. Let's reveal ourselves at Fox & Goose regularly! Hugz all around while you listen to my sound.

Friday, May 26
Deacon Free, Jessica Malone, and Dylan Crawford
Deacon Free are folk-soul guys that make you feel all tingly inside. Jessica Malone is an indie folk troubairitz with her nice-guy bandmates making shapes. Dylan is a jazz-reggae sweetheart all singin' atcha. Can't go wrong here.

Saturday, May 27
The Triple 7's, The Pacific, The Touch
Cory and his Triple 7's are described as alternative garage blues. Don't be a snoozer. Join us. The Pacific and The Touch are also performing and this live indie rock music needs to be experienced.

Friday, March 24, 2017

April 2017 Goose Music

Saturday, April 1st
Spacewalker, Katmonkeys, Dolores 5000

Join us for a spectacular night of music! Spacewalker is the proclaimed kid sister of rock & roll and the queen of interstellar beats.  The Katmonkeys are a surreal, gender vague, sex positive, kink friendly, band of fashion tragedies. Dolores 5000 is a dream rock guitar-virtuoso.

Friday, April 7th
Kevin & Allyson Seconds, Dino the Girl, and Mason Hoffman

Kevin and Allyson Seconds are back with another songwriter's in the round session. This time it's with Dino the Girl and Mason Hoffman

Saturday, April 8th
FEM DOM COM - Female Dominated Comedy

This will be spectacular! Hosts Jaime Fernandez and Emma Haney have put together another hilarious night of female comedians for you at the pub. 

Friday, April 14th
Que Bossa

Come spend a romantic spring evening with the best local bossanova group around, Que Bossa!

Saturday, April 15th
Toadmortons (acoustic) and Smoke Shovelers

Hey, this as a special acoustic Toadmortons show with a banjo and mandolin duo called Smoke Shovelers.

Friday, April 21st
Jingle Monks and Stephen Yerkey

Scotty McConaha's Jingle Monks are like three fine spring chickens jangling catchy lovey songs perfect for your favorite sweetheart. Stephen Yerkey plays quirky Americana-pop.

Saturday, April 22nd
Jumbuck Mob and Side Wheeler String Band

Jumbuck Mob do Australian music inspired by and in remembrance of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). Side Wheeler String Band play Traditional Folk and Bluegrass.

Friday, April 28th
Would-be Train Robbers and Mike Mullen's Trio of One

Would-be Train Robbers play in your face rock & roll and Mike Mullen is a multi-faceted solo show, combining blistering Celtic folk with an underlying rock energy.

Saturday, April 29th
Joshua David's Album Release featuring James Cavern

A very special intimate night with Joshua David and James Cavern. This is Josh's album release party and everybody knows who James Cavern is. Indie-soul, neo-soul, nice guys.