Wednesday, February 21, 2018

March music at Fox & Goose

Open Mic Night Every Monday

Bring a friend, sing them a song. Or drink them a song! Hosted by Dave Baldwin. Signups 7:30pm.

Friday, March 2nd
Be Brave Bold Robot, Chowderheart, and Scott Reeves
Be Brave does lyric heavy acoustic indie rock, storytelling with a funky rhythm section and arrangement prettiness, and three part harmonies. Chowderheart: Gangstas of Folk. Scott Reeves plays guitar and sings and he's incredible. Join us.

Saturday, March 3rd
Kevin & Allyson Seconds, Natalie Cortez and Gillian Underwood

Kevin & Allyson's beautiful harmonies make the world a better place. A great female local songwriter and Sammie Hall of Famer, Natalie Cortez, plays folk-rock-pop. Gillian's sound is an eclectic mix of country, folk, jazz and pop, heartbreaking lyrics, powerful vocals, and two guitars. If you like Lucinda Williams, Cat Power, Neko Case or Gillian Welch.

Friday, March 9th
Jessica Malone and Alyssa Mattson
Jessica Malone is an award winning singer/songwriter that was raised in the tall mountains of far Northern California. Drums, upright bass, acoustic & electric guitar and violin accompany her powerful vocals. Her raw and unfiltered approach to songwriting creates music that will take you back in time, while her heartfelt lyrics keep you rooted in the present. Alyssa Mattson is best known for her musical stylings with folk band, Awkward Lemon, Alyssa is more recently exploring the stage as a solo artist, and brings a classic and intimate vibe with her original music. Alyssa is releasing her first full length album as a solo artist this Spring 2018 titled “Morph”, which puts an ambient modern spin on folk music.

Saturday, March 10th 
James Israel and Nolan Erck
“If you were to grab Santana and the likes of Tom Waits, then toss in a little Dire Straits; blend them up and pour out a delicious music shake, you would have the James Israel Band. Heaven to the ears, music for the soul, this talent has no boundaries.” – KaZaZZ! Online Review "Super hushed, good-guy vocals. Spewed out fragile 2 and a half minute confessionals about relationships (good and bad), growing up, memories, fastballs and other assorted confusing things. Nolan can rock the emo but is not emo. He can lay down the folk but isn’t exactly folky. He sometimes rocks with a band but does it in an almost heartbreakingly lonely way. He ain’t pop. What the hell is he?" -- Kevin Seconds, 7 Seconds

Friday, March 16th
Raymond Schau, Temple Kirk, Kate Livoni, and Mumpwater Foundation
Four amazing live acts, featuring Kate Livoni, Temple K. Kirk, and rare appearances from local legends Raymond Schau (one of Sacramento's best kept secrets) and The Mumpwater Foundation as "Hex Enduction Scam: songs by and inspired by Mark E. Smith". This will be the Mumpwater Foundation's first public appearance in almost 13 years, and will be videoed for rebroadcast in Spain, where they actually still have fans.

Saturday, March 17th
St. Patrick's Day with The Pikeys, The Spicy McCormicks, and much more!
It's time once again for all you Saint Paddy's peoples to lose your goose at our annual St. Patrick's Day celebration. It's a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic. Come early at 4pm, or later if you like, and indulge in the festivities including shamrocky music from Tartan and Tweed, our special bagpipes performance, a green singalong, more fun from The Spicy McCormicks, and the raucous and exhilarating rock & roll of The Pikeys. They'll get you swaying with music by The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys, and don't forget our corned beef and cabbage.
$2 to $10, 4pm to 12am Music starts 4:30pm

-Thursday, March 22nd: Scotty Mac and Will Comstock are the drummer and singer of the Stummies, and their original music is influenced by the The Kinks and The Beatles and Brit pop and more. 8pm

Friday, March 23rd
Stoneberries and Adam Block

The Stoneberries are an original blend of good time rock, blues, funk and jam music. Join them for an acoustic/electric evening of tasty tunes. Adam's music is a blend of classic electric blues, rock and roll, acoustic exploration with various finger-picking styles inspired by blues, jazz, country, classical music and even music from Senegal in West Africa.

Saturday, March 24th
Kally O'Mally & the 8-Tracks, Blame the Bishop, and Stephen Ruderman

Kally O'Mally is a singer songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and her band the 8-Tracks bring her fun songs to light. Blame the Bishop are back and play rock & roll influenced by the Who and Elvis Costello. Stephen plays Simon & Garfunkel, and that's awesome!

Friday, March 30th
Loose Engines, Mutineers, and Diva
Inspired by honky tonks, BBQ's, and backyard parties from the 70's, Grub Mitchell's Loose Engines play a mix of original music, classic country, blues, Tex-Mex and other types of music that make you dance. The Mutaneers are from Portland and “Their live show delivers a potent and buoyant mix of Americana, folk, and good ole-fashioned bar rock.” —Santa Barbara Independent.  Diva is Chris Twomey's great indie Americana band. It's gonna be a fun night of music so have some beer and/or some whisky.
Saturday, March 31st
Be Brave Bold Robot, Tiny Sounds, and Chris Cotta
Chris Cotta songwriter opening set, Tiny Sounds is awesome, Be Brave Bold Robot closing it out. Bring your Mom in for some Easter Bangers, and then April Fools her at midnight!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

February Music at Fox & Goose

Thursday, February 1st
Irish Jam Session with Stepping Stone

Every 1st Thursday from 8 to 11pm is our Irish Jam Session. Bring your instrument and join in or just sit back and enjoy. Led by the wonderfully talented Stepping Stone Irish and Celtic trio. 8pm

Friday, February 2nd
Kevin & Allyson Seconds, Noah Nelson, and Matt Woodcheke
Goose people! We're so happy to have Kevin & Allyson every first Friday of the month. Their beautiful harmonies make the world a better place. Noah Nelson is a maniac songwriter/guitar wizard. Matt Woodcheke is golden-throated balladeer who is very excited to be playing at Fox and Goose with his old friends Kevin, Allyson, and Noah. You may know Matt from the early 2000's twang-pop outfit Radio Cure, the early 2010's fuzz-rock band The Banner Days, or as the award-winning open mic host and legendary Sacramento famous person, Matt The Bastard.
Saturday, February 3rd
KC Shane, Dolores 5000, Temple K. Kirk, Slug Muffin, Finley, and Timberly
Lovely music and lovely people at your favorite pub. KC Shane is a soulful folky singer-songwriter, Dolores 5000 is a space rock Goddess, Temple K. Kirk is into glitchy late-stage capitalism, Slug Muffin is a multi-genre casual chanteuse, Finley does quirky humanizing spoken word, and it's Timberly's live acoustic debut! Join us!

Friday, February 9th
Kally O'Mally & the 8-Tracks and Hunter Merritt
Kally O'Mally is a singer songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and her band the 8-Tracks bring her fun songs to light. Hunter Merritt is a folk rock musician with roots in bluegrass and blues, and his original material is fun and easy to sing with.

Saturday, February 10th
Working Man Blues Band and The Cantaliers
Working Man Blues Band takes the Goose stage with a funky-blues country flavor. The Cantaliers play rockabilly, surf, and swing. So good!

Friday, February 16th
Adam Block and Stephen Ruderman (Simon & Garfunkel Tribute)
Adam's music is a blend of classic electric blues, rock and roll, acoustic exploration with various finger-picking styles inspired by blues, jazz, country, classical music and even music from Senegal in West Africa. Stephen plays Simon & Garfunkel, and that's awesome!

Saturday, February 17th
Mezcal Aces, Manky, and Joseph Kojima Gray
Someone described Mezcal Aces as sounding like REM meets Dinosaur Jr., ladle in a bunch of blues and that's probably pretty close. Manky is the magical punk/country/gypsy co-musication of Julie Bruce and Jason McAlister. They are both intriguing and lovely. Joe "Koj" is the fearless leader of 50-Watt Heavy and plays in many other rock & roll and Americana bands. His voice is like a beautiful and powerful eagle of love. And he is a great hugger. Cute too. Hold me.

Friday, February 23rd
Instagon and Glass House
Instagon is Dr. Lob Instagon's experimental garage jazz band and is unique and fluid like. He plays the bass and the others follow. Lob says Glass House is a band fronted by Colin Curtin formerly from North Bound Train, Joey from Ideateam is playing drums too... they are good noodles.

Saturday, February 24th
Infinite Vastness and Groundwave

The wild boys of Infinite Vastness are back to blow your mind with pure rock & roll. Front man, Taylor Clark's wicked guitar acrobatics and incredible voice remind us of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. GROUNDWAVE delivers a classic rock and roll dance party, performing hard-rocking, legendary covers, including guitar-driven anthems from AC/DC to ZZ Top, and toe-tapping tunes from The Beatles to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Keep your shirt on, it's gonna get hot!!