Wednesday, January 20, 2016

February 2016 is amazing at Fox & Goose!

Friday, February 5th
Kevin Seconds, Brian Hanover, and Dino (acoustic indie)
These people are rad. Kevin Seconds set the tone when he started his band 7 Seconds 37 years ago.  Now he is one of the most prolific songwriters in the style of acoustic indie pop with country/Americana undertones. He still tours and records with his original punk band, and we are so proud to announce his monthly first Fridays residency at Fox & Goose! Brian Hanover is another great long-standing local songwriter with punk roots. Opening the show is Dino with her punky roots gone acoustic sounds too. Sacramento music.

Saturday, February 6th
Joseph Kojima Gray (50-Watt Heavy), Dave Theno(Mt Shasta/Dunsmuir) and Eric Affonso(Sac-Ex Prez 44)
Joseph Kojima Gray is the frontman for 50-Watt Heavy who play loud bourbon soaked bar rock influenced by everything from Judas Priest to The Replacements. Here he is strumming his songs out on the old acoustic. His friend Dave Theno will do an acoustic set as will the keyboard player from 50-Watt Heavy Eric Affonso. Have a drink with us.

Friday, February 12th
Hans & the Hot Mess (funky soul) and Rich Driver (Americana)
Hans and his crew are a Goose favorite with their fun and positive groove music. It's not everyday that you can walk into a strange pub and watch such an incredible talent own a room like Hans does. And to get to hear Rich Driver's heartfelt sun-soaked songs too! You better have a pasty.

Saturday, February 13th
Jem & Scout (indie pop) and Lucky Laskowski (Americana/country)
Another perfect matchup of sounds. Jem & Scout are indie pop/rock with the best melodic tunes your waxy ears can stomach. Don't get too lost in Lucky Laskowski's country infused story songs of loss and ambition. Take a moment to enjoy these bricks.

Friday, February 19th
The Modern, Punch Out, and Jacobb Alexander
The Modern is a new Sacramento indie rock band that prides themselves on music that tells a story. Punch Out always bring high energy and tricky melodies that keeps you on your ears and toes. Have a pint and relax.

Saturday, February 20th
Antique Naked Soul (r&b/hip-hop/beat-box)
Goose-music presents: Antique Naked Soul. We are so happy to have this wonderful group back. Pure and crucial hip-hop with dope harmonies and the best beatboxer you've ever heard. Loops and surprises meet such fun entertaining talent, you can't miss this exclusive Sacramento performance in your favorite pub!

Friday, February 26th
Bellygunner (stealth rock), Be Brave Bold Robot (indie/hugs) and Yours Truly, Michele (Americana/folk-rock)
Do you know that feeling when you're around a real Haakenson? One that's got all of it's intellectual num nums, and can send you on a lyrical odyssey and a musical safari of which you have never been before? What if you were surrounded by bricks and beer? Well, you gotta try it. Yours Truly Michele is incredible too and has nice attributes as well. Call me. Just get over here and hold my hand. Oh, and now Bellygunner is on the bill and they are fantastic. Gabe Nelson leads the band with his intricate song sculptures. Saturday, February 27th
Blame The Bishop, Anton Barbeau, and The Bobbleheads
Blame The Bishop features the juicy dueling guitar work and soaring vocal harmonies of Warren Bishop and Todd Webber, and they have a heavy Elvis Costello influence. Anton Barbeau is definitely a magical musical Sacramentian and has just released his 20-somethingth album. I once ran into him at the Avesbury monoliths in southern England and I was almost too mesmerised to say hi. He is a ridiculous talent and an incredibly sweet man. The Bobbleheads are from the bay and play fun and manly power pop that will get you all loosey-goosey and emotional then slap you up side the head with riffs of man-ipulation. Be here and be square. And bricks. Beer. Stilton cheese please.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Great Goose-music kicking off 2016!

No music on Friday the 1st as we close at 3pm, breakfast only.

Saturday, January 2nd
Jem & Scout and The Stummies
Jem & Scout (finally!) and The Stummies will be indie popping your faces off and getting the music started for your little baby 2016 ears. Stilton and Branston Pickle make me wiggle! 

Friday, January 8th
Hot City and Sactown Playboys

Keep it classy with old-timey jazz and western swing from Hot City and The Sactown Playboys. This is a full night of Zack Sapunor virtuosic clickity upright bass playing and his incredibly talented and fancy cohorts. Shuck and Jive with a pint and these guys at your favorite pub!

Saturday, January 9th
Sacto Soul Rebels, Honey B. & The Cultivation, and Dylan Crawford (Massive Delicious)
Goose- music presents: funky reggae from Honey B & The Cultivation, rocksteady reggae from Sacto Soul Rebels, and reggae, soul, and funk from Dylan Crawford of Massive Delicious. Honey B. plays fun dancey reggae with crucial lyrics. Don’t forget to come to the Goose a minimum of 2 times per week and drink yourself fitter.

Friday, January 15th
Adam Block and Steve Kotarek
Enjoy a night of blues from Adam Block with Steve Kotarek playing folky Americana.

Saturday, January 16th
Hans & The Hot Mess and Amy Bleu
Fox and Goose music presents: Hans & The Hot Mess with their folky soul party and Portland’s Amy Bleu doing poppy punk-folk. You should just hang out here all the time for the great beer, yummy foods, and sweet music!

Friday, January 22nd
Ross Hammond (solo) and The Lost Trio
Goose-guys present: Sacramento’s best in free and new jazz improvisational music by sensational guitarist/composer Ross Hammond (solo) and The Lost Trio featuring internationally renowned saxophonist/composer Phillip Greenlief. 

Saturday, January 23rd
Atlas Park and Face4Radio
Let's hang out at the Goose Saturday night for great local alt-rock from Atlas Park and Face4Radio. Have a pint and a pasty you cheeky monkey. Friday, January 29th
The Depths, Merdog, and Catherine Dayton

Jump on in the hot tub booths and enjoy some sweet indie pop, Americana, and Ukulele pop with Merdog, Dick Larson and the Depths, and Catherine Dayton! Hot tub... wait, what?!?!

Saturday, January 30th
The Triple 7's and The Rollin' Blackouts
The Rollin’ Blackouts play mostly punk covers by Dead Kennedys and NOFX and then more indie pop punk from The Triple 7’s featuring Cory Fukuoka.