Wednesday, September 20, 2017

October 2017 Fox & Goose Music!!!

Thursday, October 5th
Irish Jam Session with Stepping Stone Every 1st Thursday
Every 1st Thursday from 8 to 11pm get Irish with us. Bring your instrument and join in or just sit back and enjoy. Led by the wonderfully talented Stepping Stone Irish and Celtic trio.

Friday, October 6th
An Evening Shared with Kevin Seconds, Bobby Jordan, Grub Mitchell and Alex Walker with very special guest Anton Barbeau.

Kevin Seconds is back with another songwriter's in the round session and it's always great to have this international punk songwriter here at the Goose. Bobby Jordan is an Americana/singer-songwriter who plays in the Mr. T Experience, Slattern V, Knockoffs, Red Star Memorial, Go National, and the Decibels. Grub-dog Mitchell is the fearless leader of Loose Engines and Grub-dog & the Amazing Sweethearts and his songs are heartfelt stories in an indie country/Americana vein. Alex's reverbnation page has him compared to Elliott Smith, Keane,Pedro The Lion, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and Gotye. Anton will do an opening set of his quirk-pop workings. Meowzers.

Saturday, October 7th
Empty Wagon and Broken & Mended
Broken and Mended is a soul-infused bluesy Americana band. Empty Wagon is Sacramento Pop rock. Join us.

Friday, October 13th
Back Alley Buzzards, True Margrit, and Blame the Bishop
The Back Alley Buzzards are a female fronted Sacramento high energy indie-rock band. True Margrit are indie rock from SF and are like Kate Bush, Fiona Apple, and The Decemberists. Blame the Bishop open the show and play rock & roll influenced by the Who and Elvis Costello.

Saturday, October 14th
Fem Dom Com (Female Dominated Comedy) Featuring: Aviva Segal, token male: Michale Patten, Also: Becky Lynn, Amy Estes
Female Dominated Comedy is here at your Goose every 2nd Saturday. Put it in your phone. Set a reminder. Don't forget! Women are funnier then men by the way.

Friday, October 20th
Honey B & the Cultivation and Pacific Roots
Reggae at the Goose! Honey B is the Lioness! Super positive funky reggae with great harmonies. Pacific Roots are Santa Cruz reggae, rock, some punk, and a bit of ska. Cool vibes, guys!

Saturday, October 21st
Spangler Album Release with Dante Romandia
Spangler does folk-rock Americana and sounds like the Eagles meets Bruce Hornsby meets Joan Osborne. Join us for their new album release party with solo song-writer Dante Romandia opening the show.

Friday, October 27th
Close To Normal and The Edna Garrett Experience
Close to Normal focuses on the no nonsense early years of alternative rock and roll. Original material combines the sounds of early alternative, punk, roots, hard rock, and country and western to form a unique "old school" rock & roll sound. The Edna Garrett Experience is also performing. Hi.

Saturday, October 28th
Dance and blues party w/ costume contest: CitiesYWYWF, Black Oaks, and The Great Sadness with DJ's Siggnatius Black and Justin Moravitz
Cities You Wish You Were From are extreme blues rock from Eli Jenkins and Tyler Downie and your pants will fly off. Blue Oaks' music is a loose amalgam of blues, country, folk, rock ’n’ roll, and soul. -Aaron Carnes. The Great Sadness is a power duo in the similar stylings of heavy rocked out blues. DJ's and costume contest will be scary too. Bring your family. 21+

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

September Goose Music

Friday, September 1st
Sunmonks, Cold Eskimo, and Starover Blue
Sunmonks, Starover Blue, and Cold Eskimo (indie pop/rock/shoegazey synthy guys), 9pm/$5. They're back... and they're bringing Starover Blue from Portland. The Sunmonks play lush and harmonious indie pop reminiscent of Talking Heads and Fela Kuti with hypnotizing rhythms. And welcome back indie pop booboos, Cold Eskimo. They make wonderfully melodic and creative music. Rachelle's voice is a dream and they always deliver an entertaining set! Starover says, "The unmistakable tones of a Juno 106, both expansive and nostalgic, combine with ambient layers, sparkling guitars, and bittersweet vocals to define Portland band Starover Blue."

Saturday, September 2nd
Quartz Thrust, Spitting Roses and Yum Yum Meow

Quartz Thrust administer psychedelic space noise music therapy. Spitting Roses is a band spawned from The Phlegmings (90's Riot Grrl Band) and Rosey Palms. "Smashy drums drunk on a cloud." Yum Yum Meow... It's like oldies, but new!

Friday, September 8th
Kevin & Allyson Seconds and Natalie Cortez
Hey, stop in and stay and listen to the wondrous harmonies from Kevin and Allyson Seconds. This time around they're bringing Natalie Cortez from The Ultraviolets. Sweetness

Saturday, September 9th
FEM DOM COM (Female Dominated Comedy)
Get it together and go to FEMale DOMinated COMedy hosted by Jaime Fernandez, Emma Haney, and Becky Lynn.

Friday, September 15th
Delta Mystics and The Bongo Furys

The Delta Mystics is Kenny Rego's new group and they do reggaeish Americana roots music. The Bongo Furys are funky, jazzy, bluesy fun and led by vocalist Todd Perez.

Saturday, September 16th
Golden Shoulders, Sarah Bethe Nelson with Rusty Miller, and Davia

An evening of delightsome music with Nevada City's Golden Shoulders (featuring the great Dave Brockman) and returning hero Sarah Bethe Nelson (featuring the also-very-great Rusty Miller)! Davia is a singer/songwriter from the mountains of Northern California.  Let's be realistic, you should attend this show.

Friday, September 22nd
Honey B & The Cultivation, The Storytellers, and DJ JayTwo

Join us for the return of the Honey B & The Cultivation and The Storytellers. Uplifting audiences of all kinds with positivity, truth, and mostly fun, Honey B & The Cultivation raise the vibrational level with unbridled enthusiasm. The Sacto Storytellers strive to move your feet with a blend of ska, rocksteady, reggae, and soul riddums delivered with a unapologetic punk rock attitude. Dj Jay Two will be spinning reggae, dancehall, dub, and rocksteady in between! Big Ups!

Saturday, September 23rd
Temple Kirk, Delayed Sleep, and Slug Muffin

Temple K. Kirk is a savage lyricist and quircky devo-esque music performer full of energy and powerful & positive messages. Delayed Sleep does surfy spacey music. Slug Muffin is an indie noise pop/shoegaze singer-songwriter from Sacramento. Check out these xtremely entertaining and wonderful peeps at your pub making shapes and sounds for you to enjoy.

Friday, September 29th
CTRL Z, Spacewalker, FunkRaisers

CTRL Z is Zealous aka Bryan Herndon: a thinker, poet, musician, producer, activist who founded Speak LOUD Productions in Sacramento Ca. Spacewalker says, "James Brown is the godfather of soul. Michael Jackson is the King of pop. I AM THE KID SISTER OF ROCK N' ROLL AND THE QUEEN OF INTERSTELLAR BEATS. Spacewalkin' to a venue near you! :D". The FunkRaisers are Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues, Reggae. What else do you need... have a beer and chill, dude.

Saturday, September 30th
James Israel and Que Bossa
American roots, rock & roll, blues, Grateful Dead, and Pink Floyd come to mind when thinking of James Israel's music. Let's party! Que Bossa is a cool breeze with a martini and no shoes on but keep your shoes on. See ya here, boob.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

July guys, air conditioning, and water sports!

Saturday, July 1st
Sam Eliot and Charles Dale
Sam Eliot from Duke Chevalier and Charles Dale from Dog Rifle are spectacular local songwriters. Sam's stuff has a real slick Tom Petty feel and Charles' is garage pop like the Buzzcocks or the Jam. So let's put our hands together. Nutburgers!!!

Friday, July 7th
Kevin & Allyson Seconds, Bobby Jordan, and Will Comstock

Kevin and Allyson are here every first Friday with their indie pop harmonies and positive vibes with David Houston on the percussions. Bobby Jordan is an Americana/singer-songwriter who plays in the Mr. T Experience, Slattern V, Knockoffs, Red Star Memorial, Go National, and the Decibels. Will "Stum-stum" Comstock is a wonderful songwriter, fearless leader of the Stummies, and a true Goose-guy.

Saturday, July 8th
FEM DOM COM (Female Dominated Comedy) feat. Mary Van Note and Token Male, Mark Smalls

Get your shoot together and laugh yourself into a frenzy with Female Dominated Comedy hosted by Jaime Fernandez and Emma Haney, you cheeky bastard.

Friday, July 14th
B & the Hive and Arielle
B in the Hive (formerly Girls & Boys) play soulful indie pop with stunning female vocals and have opened for Elvis Costello, Allen Stone, Goo Goo Dolls, Lucinda Williams, Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers and more. Arielle is a guitar wizard who has been on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine and played with Brian May (Queen), opened for Greg Allman and her voice has been compared to Karen Carpenter and Eva Cassidy. Join us for a night of incredibly talented female singer-songwriters.

Saturday, July 15th
Avaleya & the Glitterhawks and Kally O'Mally & the 8-tracks

Avaleya plays lo-fi Indie Rock blended with elements of Dream Pop and has been captivating audiences with her emotional heartfelt voice. She was the bassist/vocalist for mid 90's Sacramento noise-pop band, Crash & Britany. Playing 2nd, Kally and her 8-Tracks are quirky pop with guitar wizardry from our extreme open mic purveyor.

Friday, July 21st
Triple 7's & Sly Park
The Triple 7's are Pixies influenced indie rock and we love them. Sly Park mixes up a random sampling of alternative, punk, Americana, and R&B in a blender and gives ya'll a unique concoction of original rock 'n roll music.

Saturday, July 22nd
Birthday Bonanza with Diva Kings & Loose Engines
The Diva Kings are righteous Americana/indie country! Celebrate their magnificent Diva Dan's birthday. Loose Engines are high energy honky tonk/indie country and it’s their incredibly hansome upright bass player’s b-day too. This can't be taken lightly. Join us.

Friday, July 28th
Old Cotton Dreary and Who & the What Now
It's Drew's birthday and Mike's back, so let's get the band back together. Welcome back OCD and their friends Who & the What Now. Rock & Roll!!

Saturday, July 29th
Catchakoala (featuring Empress Niko), Control Zealous, and Silk Animus
Catchakoala is like live hip-hop group, The Roots, and now features reggae singer Empress Nico. Zealous aka Bryan Herndon is a thinker, poet, musician, producer, activist who founded Speak LOUD Productions in Sacramento Ca. Silk Animus does alternative hip-hop and brings it. Fun stuff at your favorite old pub.