Sunday, January 27, 2013

Have a Gander at February's Gooseyness.

It's in this month that the magnolia tree in my backyard comes into its beautiful pink and white bloom, and unfortunately I suffer the worst allergy attacks of the year forcing me away from my home even more. It's a sad situation, but I guess I'll just have to hang out at the pub. It's where my friends are, where the music is, and the sheer mass of food options is ridiculous. I keep discovering new things about the menu, like did you know that you can order the Appetizer Combo Plate and forgo any vegetables by simply asking to just have banger rolls and chicken strips (I love it that Iceman calls them chicken fingers)? Also, say you want a Cashew Chicken Salad but you don't want a whole plate-full. Just get the Salad Sampler and have Citrus Spinach, some Tortellini Pasta, and a sensible portion of Cashew Chicken! It's these little alterations that make things new and exciting for me during the month that I am held hostage by a tulip tree. So another incredible option that I'm just now indulging in is the choices for the Ploughman's Repast: 1/2 Stilton-1/2 English cheddar? all Stilton? all English cheddar? Yellow apples/red apples? I always thought I was an English cheddar guy, but a new close friend let me try a bite of his mini loaf with a little Branston Pickle and a generous chunk of Stilton. I literally fell over and started crying with joy, for the explosion of flavor that occurred sent me reeling and writhing. I can keep going on about this, but I just want you to realize that you don't have to keep doing the same thing over and over, like ordering the Pub Burger or the Fish & Chips every single time. I know they're good, but your mouth deserves to know what it's missing. Open your heart to all of the menu at the Goose. And that goes for music too. If you only listen to cow punk and Balinesian Gamelan then how are you going to find the joys of electro acoustic soundtrack music. Just sayin'...

On Friday the 1st of February it’s Pets (male/female electro fuzz rock), Arts & Leisure combining the best elements of all things pop and new wave (also coed), and from Portland it’s indie shoegazers The Silent Numbers (PDX). So proud to have some of the best music this town has to offer at our humble old pub. If you miss this show then you should be ashamed of yourself. Finally Pets!!!! Let’s have a nutburger!

The 2nd is pure country from The Bleedin' Hearts, Big Iron, and Lucky Laskowski. Do you like country music? The Bleedin' Hearts are a high octane, honky tonk quintet founded by former members of 99 Tales (Sean Schroeder, Dave Havs), and rounded out by bassist Juan Flores and guitarists Nick Carvajal and Ryan Thompson. Big Iron is loud and forceful. Lucky is a cowbear...

On Wednesday, February 6th, drop by and chill out to some great old soul and rocksteady music with our weekly Northern Soul night. It's an early session from 8 to 11pm so don't show up too late! With Chimi Changa, Avi Jones (Rude Roots), and Andy Garcia (Work Your Soul) providing the soundtrack for all you soulful music lovers, we may just end up moving some tables and shaking things up! Let this be your midweek release and grab a pint, a bite at nite, maybe some darts, and get the party started right! It's inspired by the northern soul music scene from Wigan, but we do play rare soul, rocksteady, and other soul styles. We're also down for featured artists in all the different soul genres. Yeah!

Every first Thursday of the month is Jay Shaner's night and on the 7th of February he will be playing an intimate set with his band. These guys are amazing, with Steve Randall and Jay's guitar interplay, the ultra solid rhythm section of Erik Warren and Anthony Ordonez, and Jay's richly melodic songwriting, you're in for a real special show. Also appearing is Autumn Electric from Seattle!

Gabba gabba hey! The Ramones were the first and best punk band ever, and here to celebrate their greatness is an all-girl Ramones tribute band called the Hormones! Local indie rockers Wolfgang Vega and singer/songwriter Steve Nader are also playing their sweet originals. This all goes down on Friday, February 8th at your favorite pub! We still have hot spiced cider so hurry up and get some before it's all gone!

Saturday night is gonna be ridiculous with sweet indie pop from Bellygunner featuring Gabe Nelson and dancey electronic groove music from Mango Jennings. Gabe plays energetic and intelligent pop songs that remind me a little of Wire, David Bowie, and a dash of Billy Squire. Mango sounds like Erlend Oye's solo album. Come hear something new! I am so excited to see these excellent performers up close in our new improved and intimate front bar area!

On Thursday the 14th check out Kieran Strange from West Sussex via Vancouver with her sassy brit pop and Lisa Phenix’s bluesy Americana. Kieran was nominated "One of the Top 24 Artists in The World on Twitter," alongside Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and and Katy Perry. She's like a young Joan Jett. Lisa calls her rockin' blues: "homegrown mating music." Get over to the Goose for a special Valentines show! 

Fox & Goosey welcomes The Island of Black & White with Vanessa O'Connell and Natural Drift on Friday the 15th! Island's music is a Sweet, humble yet raw blend of acoustic rock, funky reggae, and soulful blues. Vanessa is a fresh local songwriter with an Americana sound and she's bringing her new band! Natural Drift is straight bluegrass from Northern California. We are now serving Fireball! Put one in your cider...

The 16th is E Squared’s CD/EP release. They play blissed out live trip hop with new Portisheady vocals added by Rachel Lomax and self sampled beats to boot! Sharing the bill from LA it’s glam rock from Zachary James & The All Seeing Eyes and soul rock from Alexandra & The Starlight Band. Truly eclectic music not for the faint of heart at your favorite pub!

Steve McLane plays classic acoustic folk music and has been playing at the Goose since the early days. Come check out his sweet sounds on Thursday, February 21st .

Fox & Goose welcomes Les Trois Coups from Paris playing rag tag folk, Quinn Hedges with his nice alt rock, and the Delta City Ramblers playing indie folk and country. Les Trois is super fun and really French. These guys are acoustic maniacs! Quinn plays alt rock like if Pink Floyd adopted John Mayer. The Ramblers are on a mission to make you smile with their country folk loveliness! Have a drink!

Saturday night is beautiful indie folk and country from Amanda Hughey, M. Lockwood Porter, and Awkward Lemon. M. Lockwood is influenced by Wilco and Neil Young. Amanda is a lot more eclectic from Sheryl Crow to Adele to Lauren Hill. Awkward likes Dylan, Young, and the Grateful Dead. 

The Mike Justis Band plays acoustic folk on Thursday the 28th. Mike has played at the Goose for many many years, and his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing. Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, and Steve McLane, you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic folk music.