Monday, January 23, 2017

Great music at Fox & Goose in February!

Friday, February 3rd
Kevin Seconds and TBA

Kevin Seconds is back with another songwriter's in the round session. Kevin is the frontman for local punk band 7Seconds and he also records lots of solo records, so check it out cause it’s great, alright?

Saturday, February 4th
Blame the Bishop (Farewell Show) and Kally O'Mally & the 8 Tracks

Kally O’Mally & the 8 Tracks play a mix of danceable/sing a long 70's cover tunes along with Kally’s quirky Americana pop originals. Closing the night is Blame the Bishop with their Elvis Costello meets the Who stylings. And supposedly it’s their farewell performance. Let’s give em a good old Goosey goodbye. 
Dyana & the Cherrykings and Que Bossa

Get down to the pub for some rockabilly from Dyana & the Cherrykings and bossa nova from Que Bossa.

Saturday, February 11th
FEM DOM COM (Female Dominated Comedy)

Hey, it's another installment of FEM DOM COM (Female Dominated Comedy) hosted by the ridiculous and sophisticated Jaime Fernandez. Absolutely hilarious and dominated by incredible women. Support your women, cause they’re why you’re here. Right? Am I right? You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them!

Friday, February 17th
The Remainders and According to Bazooka
Check out The Remainders who play Americana and jammy rock with fun retro pop from accordion and guitar duo, According to Bazooka.

Saturday, February 18th
The Storytellers and Massive Delicious Duo

Dylan and Andre of Massive Delicious play jazzy folk reggae and join us for the return of the mighty and tremendous Sac Storytellers playing rocksteady reggae and ska. Probs have a dj too. Gotta do what makes you happy. Come out to the Goose and let loose!

Friday, February 24th
Instagon, Grex, and The Bad Twains
Expect to have your minds completely blown by Instagon (Lob’s long standing experimental rock jam), Oakland art rock trio, Grex, and Tom Waits cover band comprised of Pikeys guys and others like Noah Nelson. Don’t miss this!!!
Brian Croom, Zen Again, and SPACEBOY (Eric from Saucer)
Wow! Get to the Goose for indie pop/rock from Spaceboy, Brian Croom, and Zen Again. Spaceboy is Eric Williams from saucer doing acoustic indie schtuff, Brian Croom kinda does that too, and Zen Again is an indie rock trio that’s kind of like Throwing Muses. Don’t miss all this great music at a fantastic and legendary pug in the heart of downtown Sacramento.