Sunday, July 20, 2014

August is here! See you at the Goose!

The Delta City Ramblers
Friday, August 1st
Delta says, "Americana? Acoustic? Who knows anymore. It jangles and shuffles and grooves and sings real good." Superb acoustic indie country with excellent lyrics and melodies. Such sweet music, they'll be playing regularly on the first Friday of the month as long as they like!

Old Cotton Dreary
Saturday, August 2nd
Old Cotton is led by the fearless Mike Fleming and they do good old rock & roll. Sometimes Mike dresses like Elvis. Mike is moving to Los Angeles. Let's all give a big sigh.

Every Wednesday is Northern Soul and Cornhole, our weekly night of classic rare soul music, rocksteady, northern soul, garage, and the super fun bag toss game, Cornhole! 8pm/free Cornhole usually starts at 10pm after people have finished eating. Looks like Wednesdays may become board game night too. I'll keep you posted.

Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks
Thursday, August 7th
Every first Thursday we have Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks. They play original Americana/folk with a twist. Enjoy good feelin' music and great beer at the Goose!

Them Travelin' Birds
AM Exchange
Friday, August 8th
Them Birds play sweet music with positivity throughout and AM Exchange is kind of Elliot Smith-ey and North Western.

Infinite Vastness
Wanted Exotic
Saturday, August 9th
Infinite Vastness is sweet Pink Floydian rock & roll led by our super chill sound bro, Taylor. Wanted Exotic is psych-lounge-trip hop from some great local musical trippers. I heard they're bringing visuals this time too.

Steve McLane
Thursday, August 14th
Thursday the 14th it’s Steve McLane’s timeless acoustic tunes. Steve has been playing at Fox & Goose since the early days. He plays classics from Neil Young to the Beatles to Bob Dylan. It's a nice mellow way to spend a Thursday evening with a pint and a pasty. 8pm, free.

The Mighty Odd Gents 
Tell River
Friday, August 15th

The Gents play both Americana and Celtic music and do it well and good. Tell River is also Americana, but with a rocking edge. Great music at the Goose.

Black Knight Satellite
Saturday, August 16th
Due to some sort of injury, bassist Jason Beane plays his bass with his left hand over the top of the neck. In Black Knight Satellite he also does most of the vocals in this heavy post-punk band from Sacramento. They sound tough, but are quite sweet fellas.

John Gruber
James Israel
Thursday, August 21st

Blues and Americana from two great local guitarists. Enjoy free live music at your favorite pub.

La Fin Absolute du Monde
Friday, August 22nd 
La Fin is high energy art pop, blending beats, guitar and female vocals. Their electronic sounds remind us of Bjork, Massive Attack, and Portishead. Neo-noir.

Kally O’Malley
Blame the Bishop

Mary McWalsh
Saturday, August 23rd
Kally is an acoustic songstress and fits the Goose quite nicely. Blame is kind of Elvis Costello-ey. Pints of beer and good tunes. Let's just hang out here all the time!

Friday, August 29th
Peekablue is a brand new local Americana band featuring upright bass, mandolin, guitar, and maybe some eastern styles too. Sly Park's Devoney Dean is on drums!

Abby Normal
Saturday, August 30th 
Abby is a pop rock band from Davis that do original songs and a tribute to the ultimate pop punk band, Green Day. No chavs allowed. 

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