Thursday, June 23, 2016

July you guys!!!!!

Friday, July 1st
Honky D & the Short Raps Project set: M2 & the People, Tribe of Levi, Comfort Creature (Humboldt), 9pm/$10
Little Deany Haakenseany is Honky D, and when he's not hootin' and hollerin' with Be Brave Bold Robot he likes to rap! Here he is all naked and spittin'. Honky D describes The Short Raps Project as "a bunch of one minute raps (all winners in any "one minute song contest" perhaps), done by me and other people who don't usually rap, and a few who do... showing that anybody can rap... rap is just lyrical poetry put to some sort of beat, or a song, or a silence... rap is what you make it..." The $10 cover also gets you a copy of the Short Raps Project album. Enjoy some great conscious hip hop from Tribe of Levi, M2, and Comfort Creature (Humboldt).

Saturday, July 2nd
Kevin Seconds, Bobby Jordan, and Grub Dog

Kevin Seconds is a magical song creature that constantly emits chunes. He set the tone when he started his band 7 Seconds 37 years ago, and now he is one of the most prolific songwriters in the style of acoustic indie pop with country/Americana all up in it. He still tours and records with his original punk band, and calls Sacramento his home. Bobby Jordan is also songing and he played bass in The Mr. T Experience. Grub Dog is an Amazing Sweetheart! So there.

Friday, July 8
Shiloh & Marion and Que Bossa

Shiloh & Marion do folky soul. Que Bossa is like a lovely walk through a meadow in the spring. Bossa is a genre of Brazilian music made popular in the 50's and 60's. Astrud Gilberto is the queen of bossa music and Que Bossa brings this sweet and romantic sound. Have some Scotch.

Saturday, July 9
Infinite Vastness and Cory Norris & Good Company
Infinite Vastness is Taylor Clark's magical rock & roll band. They get wild. They get vicious. They take their shirts off and make you stare at their nipples. Cory plays funky rock. Enjoy.

Friday, July 15
Thick Soup and Rich Driver 

Rich Driver is a Californian songwriter that actually captures the sound of California. You can hear the sun in his songs and the trees and the rivers and the beach. Thick Soup does progressive Americana and do it well. Super sweet musical peeps this night, don't miss it.

Saturday, July 16
Adam Varona, Noah Nelson, and Sami Jo

Adam is a fuzzy little Tabby. He loves playing, pets, treats, and naps in the sun. He's also a wonderful performer. Noah is the singer/guitarist of Las Pesadillas and Radio Orangevale. His songs are sometimes dark, usually kind of quirky, and quite possibly influenced by Neutral Milk Hotel and Black Francis! I love him. Sami is a country singer-songwriter from Redding and writes catchy and emotional songs. Let's party!
Friday, July 22
Yours Truly, Michelle and JonEmery

Yours Truly, Michelle is 60s pop and soul, infused with Americana roots-rock. JonEmery is a honky-tonk troubadour.  Join us.

Saturday, July 23rd
The F Street Stompers, Stummies, and Jessica Malone
F Street play old-timey ragtime music and they are so incredibly sweet. The Stummies are extremely nice guys too. They always take care of their loved ones first and pay all their bills on time. They're fun-lovin fellas that enjoy the simple things in life. Always kind and pleasantly dressed, the Stum-guys quite often will help out a strange granny. Don't be shocked if you get a gentle massage or a compliment from one of these fine gentlemen. You deserve to have them in your life. And Jessica is absolutely just as kind and wonderful. I can't say enough good things about her. She moved here from Portland recently and that's nice. A little nice goes a long way.

Friday, July 29th
The Storytellers and Honey B & the Cultivation
The Sacramento Storytellers are reggae kings and Honey B is the Lioness. Positive vibrations at your favorite pub! Reggae music!

Saturday, July 30th
The Working Man’s Blues Band and Mango Jennings

Michael Ware of the Working Man's Blues Band sings and plays the blues. His band is solid and fierce. Mango writes awesome folky songs sometimes with beats. Stilton cheese please.