Tuesday, April 21, 2015

May the Goose be with you...

Live music in Sacramento at Fox & Goose! 

Friday, May 1st
Delta City Ramblers & Pine Street Ramblers
Delta City Ramblers play indie country with excellent lyrics and melodies. Such sweet music! And The Pine Street Ramblers are good timin' acoustic roots music from the Sierra Foothills.
Saturday, May 2nd
The Orange Scene and Orion Walsh & The Ramblin' Hearts
Tara Elizabeth leads The Orange Scene and they do great female fronted rock & roll like Joan meets Janis. Orion Walsh is an Americana guy from Lincoln, Nebraska. He's really good. Stilton and Branston Pickle will make you wiggle!

Every Wednesday 
Record Club’s British Pop Wednesdays with Roger Carpio

Thursday, May 2nd
Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks

Every first Thursday we have Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks. They play original Americana/folk with a twist. Enjoy good feelin' music and great beer at the Goose!

Friday, May 8th
Musical Charis and Blame The Bishop
Hey! Local folk pop darlings, Musical Charis, have been spreading melodic cheer in this town and all around for quite a while. Blame The Bishop is fronted by local guitar lickers Warren Bishop and Todd Weber and they sound like Elvis Costello. Come support quality music in a classic British pub.

Saturday, May 9th
Face 4 Radio and Who & The What Now
Abbey and Taylor Newbold are Who & The What Now. They are wonderfully creative musical peoples. Face 4 Radio is 100% bar rock & roll with Americana sprinkled in there!
Don’t forget to come to the Goose a minimum of 2 times per week and drink yourself fitter.

Thursday, May 14th
Steve McLane

It’s Steve McLane’s timeless acoustic tunes. Steve has been playing at Fox & Goose since the early days. He plays classics from Neil Young to the Beatles to Bob Dylan. It's a nice mellow way to spend a Thursday evening with a pint and a pasty. 8pm, free.

Friday, May 15th
The F Street Stompers and Crawdad Republic
F street play bluesy, rustic folk from days of old. Crawdad Republic do bluegrassy folk from Livermore. Nice guys, nice music, nice pub, nice beer, nice everything. All you gotta do is be nice, okay?

Saturday, May 16th
Sacto Soul Rebels, Proper Steady Original, Austin Robins, and Rude Roots
It's a 60’s soul reggae revivial with Sacto Soul Rebels and The Proper Steady Originals, and Austin Robins and Rude Roots on the platters. All the ska and rocksteady reggae your heart desires. You should just hang out here all the time for the great beer, yummy foods, and sweet music!
Thursday, May 21st
The Mike Justis Band
The Mike Justis Band plays acoustic folk on Thursday the 16th. Mike has played at the Goose for many many years, and his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing. Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, Steve O'Neil, Jeff Sears, and Steve McLane, you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic folk music.

Friday, May 22nd 
Salt Wizard and Starhushed
Salt Wizard is fronted by the mystical Rachel Lomax and plays ambient electro folk with deep thoughtful lyrics from the banks of the Sacramento River. Like Portishead or Thievery Corp. Starhushed play dreamy country folk pop from Placerville and Rachel loves them.

Saturday, May 23rd 
Britpop tribute night with Bang- On and Roger Carpio

Roger Carpio is a local collector, enthusiast, promoter, and spinner of all things British. He's also started Lipstick too, but he knows more things about British music and culture than anyone else around these parts. He's bringing his friend's, Bang On from the bay to play live Britpop covers to tickle your fancy.
No chavs allowed.

Thursday, May 28th
Chicken & Dumpling

Relax with some down home blues and pint. This duo consists of Charles the chicken on guitar and Julia the dumpling on bass. Enjoy this free show with a pint and a Shepherd's Pie... sorry, we don't have chicken and dumplings.

Friday, May 29th
Peter Holden & The Working Class Dogs and The Iron Hearts
Peter Holden is a pop rock singer/songwriter and now he plays with Mikey LP, Mike Stoner, and Fred Nelson. Sounds like a solid alternative 90's rock & roll band. The Iron Hearts are a female fronted indie rock band kinda like 10,000 maniacs or Edie Brickell.

Saturday, May 30th
Garble and The Clutter Family Singers
Ed Hunter’s Clutter Family Singers will provide steady dirty garage rock like The Stooges and The Saints, and post punk darlings, Garble are like Fugazi meets Sonic Youth, and they will destroy you. So come prepared.