Wednesday, August 20, 2014

September is Goosetastic!

Every Wednesday is Northern Soul and Cornhole, our weekly night of classic rare soul music, rocksteady, northern soul, garage, and the super fun bag toss game, Cornhole! 8pm/free Cornhole usually starts at 10pm after people have finished eating. Looks like Wednesdays may become board game night too. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, September 4th
Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks
Every first Thursday we have Marty Cohen & The Sidekicks. They play original Americana/folk with a twist. Enjoy good feelin' music and great beer at the Goose!

Friday, September 5th
The Delta City Ramblers
The Boneyard Rattlers
Delta is two or three or four or six dudes playin' tunes. Sweet country infused bluegrassy music. Rattlers are country Americana and nice fellas too. Have a pasty and wash it down with some Buffalo Trace bourbon. Mmm-mm good.

Saturday, September 6th
The Yev

The Yev are from Seattle and are like The White Stripes meets Led Zeppelin meets Joy Division. Drink Weihenstephan Pilsner before it's all gone!

Steve McLane
Thursday, September 11th

Thursday the 11th it’s Steve McLane’s timeless acoustic tunes. Steve has been playing at Fox & Goose since the early days. He plays classics from Neil Young to the Beatles to Bob Dylan. It's a nice mellow way to spend a Thursday evening with a pint and a pasty. 8pm, free.

Friday, September 12th
Kenny Rego & The Law of One Band
The Stuff
Rock & Roll from Sacramento's best! The Stuff features local legends David Lynch and Tony Dey playing raw blues with a sound all their own. Kenny does classic American roots music. Come drink some beer and listen to some great local music!
The Followers of Sunshine
The Followers are such good, sincere rock & roll with Jaime's slick tubey Les Paul licks and friendly lyrics that we always look forward to. Sly Park blend soul, blues, and Americana into a truly Gooselandian sound that fills this old brick and wood pub with happy ears. Local music at it's best!

The Mike Justis Band
Thursday, September 18th

The Mike Justis Band plays acoustic folk on Thursday the 18th. Mike has played at the Goose for many many years, and his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing. Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, Steve O'Neil, Jeff Sears, and Steve McLane, you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic folk music.

Friday, September 19th
Tender Age
We've asked every local-somewhat shoe-gazey band to play on this bill, but had no luck. These Portlandians will wash out your ears with fuzzy lovely melodies and reverby rhythms.

Saturday, September 20th
Daryl Black

Gillian Underwood
As seen on The X FACTOR, From the first moment you hear Daryl Black you know that music is what he was made to do. With an eclectic mix of Rock & Soul music Daryl has truly crafted a sound that is all his own. His high-energy vocal ability and smooth tone draws you into his creative world, revealing a gifted songwriter, storyteller, and musician. Gillian is a wonderful songwriter and longtime Goose performer. With her full band, her dark romantic songs really come alive.

Thursday, September 25th
Chicken & Dumpling

Chicken & Dumpling will be at the Goose on Thursday the 25th, warming your night with down home blues. The duo consists of Charles the chicken on guitar and Julia the dumpling on bass. Enjoy this free show with a pint and a Shepherd's Pie... we don't have chicken and dumplings.

Friday, September 26th

Mango & Foat
Stoneberry is an original acoustic/electric rock band. Mango isn't a Brazilian mango farmer but does electro/acoustic music with his lady friend, Foat.

Saturday, September 27th
Soul Scratch

Soul Scratch is a hard hitting groove machine, built in LA's San Fernando Valley, on a mission to save the world from mediocrity. In short, this is not your mother's soul band. Currently the group is releasing their first full length effort "Down the Road", which will be available through all major online outlets as well as on August 19th 2014.