Thursday, May 23, 2013

Drink beer and listen to music at Fox & Goose!

Hey everybody, it's June again here in this old town. You should stop by the Goose, have a beer, and listen to some great music!

Saturday the 1st it’s orchestral pop from SF’s Fox & Woman, country pop from Alice Wallace of LA, and indie Afro pop from The Sunmonks. Fox is a female fronted art pop group with multiple levels of harmonies and poetic lyrics. Alice is a dynamic country diva with great songs and a very talented band. Sunmonks combine brass-flourished world rhythms and tight-nit lyrical harmonies.

On Wednesday the 5th we have our weekly Northern Soul! & Cornhole! night with rare soul and rocksteady in the front and corn-sack bag-toss in the back featuring musical decisions by Avi Jones, Austin Robins, and Cherry Baby! Come out and get ridiculous with us every Wednesday night!

Thursday the 6th is the return of the Goose’s first ever performer: Marty Cohen & the Sidekicks play classic Sacramento grown Americana. Get over here and enjoy some classic local music at a your favorite pub.

Friday is a real banger with neo soul artist Hans & the Hot Mess, wild Tom Waits-esque Americana from the Midway Marvels, sweet rocksteady reggae from Sacto Soul Rebels, and looped blues harp and beat boxing from Memphis’s Brandon Bailey. Brandon puts a real unique twist on the old blues genre. Sacto Soul Rebels features the sweet and lovely vocals of Megan Ugarte. Midway Marvels is led by the mega talented Bob Waller who always brings a heavy dose of muy bueno. Hans is this towns very own power house crooner with a band that hits you right where it counts!

Saturday is the Secret Lives of Squirrels CD release with Fresno’s Sea of Sound and Nice Monster. Squirrels are heavy smart rock with thick guitars and bring a brand new CD for you to put into your brain slot. Sea of Sound is Cali alt rock at it's purist. Nice Monster is progressive indie music by long time Sacto music creationist, Matthew Gerken. How 'bout a Guinness float!?!?

Thursday the 13th is fancy acoustic guitar work from New Zealand’s Brett Holland and harp/beat-boxer Brandon Bailey is back again from Memphis. Absolutely top notch music on this night with international acclaimed performers. Come see them in this wonderfully intimate setting. 

Friday the 14th, your Goose welcomes back The Pikeys with their powerful Celtic punk rock and Davis's Hollow Point Stumblers. The Pikeys killed it on St. Pat's and are back to bring you to submission one Guinness at a time. The Stumblers perform traditional and original songs in Yiddish, Ladino, Spanish, French, and English. Bring your parents and drink Jameson. 

Saturday is a deliciously eclectic night with experimental art group Sinew, electro/acoustic art pop from Pregnant, and brilly California pop from Rich Driver. It's not 2nd Saturday, but it should be. Don't go to the woods or the river. Be artistically responsible and open your mind to the Goose on this very important occasion.

On Thursday it’s John Gruber and his dirty blues, all girl Japanese power trio: The Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass, and rock from Temecula, Ca. band Jupiter. Sometimes you just need a bit of variety to spice up your day. 19 beers on tap and 3 great unique music acts should make you feel better!

On Friday, June 21st don’t miss folky classic rock from the Wooden Nickel Band and country from Richard March on his last show before heading off to the Peace Corp. Richard has been doing his good old boy country thing here for quite a while, and the Wooden Nickel Band is gonna rock your pants into a wad... Have a Lagunita's from Australia!

Saturday enjoy rock from Captain Courageous, reggae rock from the Stu Tails, and country from the Memoirs. Captain is fun indie rock, the Stu Tails are from SF and like to party, maybe even rap, and the Memoirs are local country sweethearts. You should have some beers and see what happens.

Jesse Burns from Abandon Theory is bringing his Acoustic Singer-Singer Songwriter showcase to the Goose on Thursday the 27th featuring Be Brave’s Dean, Trainwreck’s Sean, and Pomegranate’s Gavin for a night of song, drink and stories.  

Friday is the tough and rough Whiskey & Stitches with Blame the Bishop’s Elvis Costello influenced rock, and sweet country Americana from Lucky Laskowski & The Liars Choir. Why don't you bring your girlfriend and see what happens? You never know... you might get lucky!

OMG! We are so proud to host the Arts & Leisure CD Release party with lovely indie pop from The Orange Peels and Nacho Business. Arts & Leisure is the quintessential co-ed lushy feel good band of the century, and feature the sweet melodies of Gerri White and Becky Cale. The Orange Peels are down-right luxurious and juicy popster-doodles. Nacho Business makes you hungry and dizzy with aural joytastic meowburgers.  

Don’t forget that every Wednesday we have Northern Soul! & Cornhole! Try something new at your favorite pub... you might like it!