Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hello 2013!

Here we go into the new year, why not spend it at Sacramento's very own classic British pub: Fox & Goose! There's lots of fun entertainment and great food for you and your family to enjoy. We always hear people say how they grew up coming here and how many wonderful memories they have. Let's create new memories together and embrace the amazing new things that are happening! For instance, consider throwing a party in our new private meeting room: the Chartwell. You get the best of both worlds! Spread out into the rest of the pub, or keep it exclusive in this sweet new space that was inspired by Winston Churchill's home in Kent. The Banquet room can be reserved for breakfast, lunch, or dinner by calling Fox & Goose. 

On Wednesday, January 2nd, drop by and chill out to some great old soul and rocksteady music with our weekly Northern Soul night. It's an early session from 8 to 11pm so don't show up too late! With Chimi Changa, Avi Jones (Rude Roots), and Andy Garcia (Work Your Soul) providing the backdrop for all you soulful music lovers, we may just end up moving some tables and shaking things up! Let this be your midweek release and grab a pint, a bite at nite, maybe some darts, and get the party started right! It's inspired by the northern soul music scene from Wigan, but we do play rare soul, rocksteady, and other soul styles. We're also down for featured artists in all the different soul genres. On the 9th we are featuring Albany, NY Americana/swing/soul band- The Sunny Side of the Street, and on January 30th we welcome local rocksteady sweethearts- the Sacto Soul Rebels. 

Every first Thursday of the month is Jay Shaner's night and on the 3rd of January he will be playing an intimate set with his band. These guys are amazing, with Steve Randall and Jay's guitar interplay, the utlra solid rhythm section of Erik Warren and Anthony Ordonez, and Jay's richly melodic songwriting, you're in for a real special show.

Friday it's A Thousand Years at Sea and Der Spazm. Der Spazm is a solid poppy-rock spazz machine, and I can't get enough! They make your body shake, your ears sing, and your tummy does little tricks. A Thousand Years is like Mumford and Sons meets Flogging Molly with fiddles, guitars, and singers. Have some banger rolls and drink a Snuggler!

Saturday night Kevin Seconds returns with songs from his new solo album “Don’t Let Me Lose Ya,” with Danny Secretion and Noah Nelson also performing their solo music. Danny plays drums in the Secretions and has his own solo stuff too. Noah is from The Cigarette Machine and writes really good songs! You should probably have a Yummy (hot spiced cider and Jameson).

On the 9th it's another Wednesday Northern Soul night, but this time with Albany, NY band: The Sunny Side of the Street! They are super fun and talented, so come through and enjoy a night of free Americana, swing and soul surrounded by sweet soul and rocksteady by Chimi, Avi, and Andy. Don't miss this great band!

Thursday it’s Steve McLane playing classic acoustic folk music. Steve has been playing at the Fox & Goose since the early days.

Friday funk.defied brings funk and soul to the Goose, Solwave from San Francisco is back with their high-energy indie rock ala Strokes and Muse, with Ghost Town Gospel playing indie acoustic folk from Oakland’s “ghost town” district. 

On Saturday the 12th it's the amazing Golden Cadillacs and Steph Macpherson playing superb indie country. The Cadillacs are sounding so fracking good right now I think I'm gonna cry. The new material is so incredible! Steph's band is super tight too. Don't miss this show!

Thursday the 17th come hear Bat’s all request show where he’ll play and sing pretty much whatever you want. Bat's performance is a fun, interactive, and sometimes loud (the audience, not the music) roller coaster ride through the history of contemporary popular music, which includes rock & roll, country, folk, oldies, classic standards, pop, and soul. 

Friday the 18th we have Jay Shaner's band jumping on board at the last minute, Bathtub Gins, and Bob Easton-Waller. This will be a fun night of Americana and country. Have a Guinness and a Banger on a Bun!

The 19th is celtic punk rock from the Pikeys, indie rock from The Cigarette Machine, and more Irish music from One-Eyed Reilly. This night is basically an Irish cigarette sandwich! It doesn't sound that appealing when you call it that, but you will not be disappointed in what you hear. Noah Nelson fronts The Cigarette Machine and he has been bringing top-notch independent post punk rock music to the Goose for many years! We are very happy to have him back and flanked by two choice cuts of Irish corned beef. You should have an Erin Go Bragh sandwich with a Smithwick's! http://www.myspace.com/thepikeysrock

Thursday the 24th it’s original acoustic music from Jim Raines and Jim Funk. Raines has a mellow country rock feel mixed with a little Elliot Smith. Funk has a poppy sound like if the Kinks and the Moody Blues got in a blender. Have a beer.

Friday it’s indie rock from Brolly, sweet country influenced tunes from Goodnight Moonshine, and West of Next brings the technically proficient western swingy jams. Brolly has an indie flavor like Bon Iver and Death Cab for Cutie. Moonshine features the beautiful lyrics and vocals of Molly Venter. West of Next is a hybrid super group of guitar heroes: Steve Randall and Dave Shapireau with a sweet sugar topping of vocals by Lillian McLeod. If you miss this show you will be arrested immediately!

Saturday the 26th, get over here for Spangler, Yellow Jacket Motel, and Rich Driver and witness a great night of music from indie, to rock, to Americana. Rich Driver plays California roots pop. Spangler is led by Tim and Helen's unique vocals and lyrics combining Americana with rock. Yellow Jacket Motel is more straight ahead rock & roll. Have a pint of London Pride and enjoy some excellent music! 

Wednesday the 30th is another Northern Soul night. Avi Jones and Chimi Changa play rare soul and rocksteady as usual, but this one also features local reggae/ska/soul band O Street Dub. Named after Orange Street in Kingston Jamaica. This Sacramento based band lays down soulful, funky reggae and rocksteady. 

The Mike Justis Band plays acoustic folk on Thursday the 31st. Mike has played at the Goose for many many years, and his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing. Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, and Steve McLane, you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic folk music.