Sunday, July 1, 2012

Here comes the summer!!

Happy Summer everybody! If you're not out of town camping, and you're looking for a cool place to chill out, then come to the Goose and get a cold pint of lager. We've got some really amazing music this month... and a pretty hefty air conditioner!

June 1st we've got the return of Cold Eskimo on the verge of releasing their new album. They are both hooky and artsy in their good feelin' alt rock sound. This band shines with creativity and passionate vocals. Caught in Motion crafts personal songs, that feel both orchestrated but raw at the same time. They're joining us from the bay area. Also on board is Surrogate, winner of the 2011 CAMMIES (SAMMIES for Chico!).

Saturday the 2nd the Goose is happy to welcome The Four Eyes, Arts & Leisure, and The Bright Faces. Four Eyes is by far Sacramento's best nerd pop band. From their outstanding fashion sense to their perfectly penned rock & roll masterpieces, these guys will disturb and enlighten you to such topics as Hat Nerds and Robocop. Also with a poppy summer sound it's Arts & Leisure, featuring one half of Baby Grand and combining elements of 60's pop, 70's power pop, 80's new wave, and 90's shoegaze. Rounding out this fabulous line up is The Bright Faces playing country meets power pop, and Featuring Andy Vaughan (Hypnotic IV) and Ted Angel (The Mallrats, Mr.T Experience) sharing vocals and guitar duties, they are brought together by the veteran rhythm section of Tim Pratt (The Veronicas, The Polymers) on bass and Kevin Coughlin (Hypnotic IV, Radio Orangevale, The Veronicas) on drums. Have a nutburger and good time!

On June 6th we have Ian McFeron from Seattle doing his Dylan meets Ryan Adamsy thing. Inspiring listeners with his beautifully crafted songs and honest narratives, Ian travels the world playing over 200 shows a year. Come enjoy his music in our intimate setting. On stage, McFeron (vocals, guitars, piano) is joined by Alisa Milner, a Texas-style fiddler, cellist, and harmony vocalist.

Thursday the 7th come see Saralyn Adkins and Blame the Bishop. Saralyn is a dynamic up-and-coming singer songwriter. Blame the Bishop (formerly The Onlymen) is a rock band fronted by Warren Bishop, and here we see them doing an acoustic set. Influenced by Elvis Costello and the Beatles, they describe themselves as, "Knitting, creating stained glass portraits of Iggy Pop, collecting cats and guitars, generally trying to not take things all that seriously." Sounds like fun!

On the 8th, it's Standing & Staring and Rebel Punk. Two essential Sacto bands! Both are fairly new groups and have really different sounds. Standing is hugely eclectic and packs a solid punch featuring Cheryl on bass. Rebel Punk sounds like the name, like Social D meets the Ramones. If The Swindlers were to be added to this night I'd call it ridiculous! Guess we'll just have to wait and see... Let's have a properly poured Guinness and do just that!

June's Second Saturday at Fox & Goose is gonna be an art rock explosion! The Secret Lives of Squirrels, along with bay area bands, Pomegranate and In Letter Form will bring you to a full art-walk stand still. In Letter Form combines shoe gaze, cold wave, and minimal Joy Division esque melodies. Pomegranate keeps it pretty dark and repetitive too. Sacramento locals, The Secret Lives of Squirrels are an amalgamation of ultra-heavy post-punk grunge and bluesy Courtney Drant calypso beats. Wear a funny hat and get in for a $1 off! Eat a nutburger!

On Wednesday June 13th and 27th, it's Steve McLane. Steve has been playing at Fox & Goose since the early days. His smooth voice and perfect guitar playing are the vibe we can only hope will last forever. Playing classics from Neil Young to the Beatles to Bob Dylan, he always leaves us wanting more, and its always a mellow way to spend a Wednesday evening with a pint and a pasty.

Thursday the 14th we have Rupert Wates and the 12 Mile Blues band. Rupert is a British born singer who regularly tours the states. His emotionally rich original songs have truly gripping lyrics, great themes, and troubling, witty messages. 12 Mile Blues is a local Chicago style blues band. This is another free Thursday night show. Stop by and enjoy some really good music!

Friday it's Strange Jerome (Seattle), Stoneberry, and Ardella's Crown. Heather Amerman's unique melodic vocal styling and poetic lyrical writing has become the defining character of Ardella's Crown.  Stoneberry is an acoustic/electric rock band with a really big sound. Strange Jerome has been described as Lucinda Williams and the rockin' side of Neil Young meets the Pretenders. Outstanding original music at the Goose!

On Saturday June 16th it's Fran and Whitwash Station along with San Francisco’s Three Times Bad. Fran has played at the Goose for quite a while. Her music is a fun bluesy acoustic folk adventure, and usually features familiar faces from our open mic night. Three Times Bad embraces the dirty roots of American music: bent blues and bluegrass, drunk country, anti-folk, story songs, hillbilly swing, Appalachian rags, hot singalongs, freak preachery and murder ballads. Have a whisky and hear some ridiculously good music!

Wednesday, June 20th, come out to Fox & Goose's Traditional Irish Jam Session, hosted by Laura Tjoekler.  Everyone is welcome and you can grab a pint of Guinness and just listen, or bring an instrument and join in!  Have an Erin Go Bragh(Ireland Forever) sandwich with corned beef, melted swiss cheese, and grilled onions on rye, served with chips.

June 21st, it's The Mike Justis Band. Mike has played at the Goose for many many years.  And his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing. Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, and Steve McLane you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic Folk music.

On Friday the 22nd the Goose welcomes Ricky BergerDana Gumbiner, and Erik Hanson. This is a supremely exciting line-up. Ricky's music has been described as a sweet, breathy take on pop, accented gently with folk, jazz, and sincerity. Dana is a musician/producer/engineer and former member of Sacramento bands Deathray and Little Guilt Shrine. His solo music is electronic pop. Erik is an alt/country singer from the band the Cassidys and Forever Goldrush, and now with The Foxtails. Don't miss this great star-studded show!

The 23rd, it's David & OliviaLucky Laskowski, and Nine Wives. David & Olivia are a dynamic musical duo from Huntinton Beach playing Americana, Folk, and Country. Lucky Laskowski is a indie/Americana guy stirring up the Sacramento scene. Nine Wives is a bay area blues/rock band featuring Erik Spencer. Come out and hear some great original music at Fox & Goose, and while you're at it enjoy the best imported beer on tap!

On Thursday, June 28th it's Audiodrome! with Karen Chu, Mike Colossal, and Jeffery Valentine. Karen is starting the night off with her spin on pop and electronic styles. Mike's electronic and psychedelic music is an energetic departure for the Goose. Jeffery Valentine, formerly of Sacto punk band The Panda Bear Greens is here playing music from all over the map. Come support creative music by local musical visionaries, and have a fine single malt Scotch!

Friday the 29th is gonna be phenomenal! We are so excited to have the two best blues bands in Sacramento: The Hucklebucks and Tessie Marie & the Poor Man Band. The Hucklbucks have been playing blues and country/swing for many many years and is fronted by Mr. Doug James with his super soulful voice and harmonica playing. Tessie Marie is the beautiful and talented singer/ukulele player and leader of the Poor Man Band which features the amazing Allie Marcel, Rat A Tat Pat Balcom, and Steve Kroan. Don't miss this stellar line up and have a beer or two...

The 30th, Fox & Goose Music Presents: Musical CharisThe Hot Tar Roofers, and Mammoth Life(SF). Don't miss this amazing independent music show! Mammoth Life are truly ethereal and enchanting. The Roofers bring their unique bluegrass party, and always show the Goose a good time. Musical Charis are a Sacramento institution, and are this town's purveyors of musical integrity, and huge supporters of the local scene.

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