Wednesday, July 25, 2012

August 2012 Music at Fox & Goose

Welcome to Sacramento's premier British Pub and Restaurant, featuring unique evening entertainment. Enjoy 19 beers on tap, our extensive Scotch selection, and amazing live music.

On the 1st of August we have Mainland and Echo Charlie. Mainland sounds like Mumford and Sons meets the Eagles, and Echo Charlie is a passionate alternative rock band. Stop by and enjoy some free live acoustic music and grab a pint of Fullers ESB.

Thursday the 2nd, Fox & Goose welcomes Spangler and Yellow Jacket Motel, two entertaining local music acts, and again it's a free show!

Friday August 3rd, it's the mashup of the century! dub meets rocksteady meets modern instrumental jazz with 3 exciting local bands: T-Dub & the Internationals, The Sacto Soul Rebels, and The Signifiers. Don't miss this unique night of music at Sacto's favorite pub!

Saturday night, August 4th at the Goose it's a night of rockabilly and bluegrass with The Vintage Vandals, Black Market III (LA), and The Delta City Ramblers. The Vintage Vandals always bring super raw power rockabilly, Black Market III are a high voltage blues and rockabilly band, and The Ramblers feature members of Hot Tar Roofers and Walking Spanish. This will be an amazing night!

On Wednesday August 8th and 22nd, it's Steve McLane. Steve has been playing at Fox & Goose since the early days. His smooth voice and excellent guitar playing create the atmosphere we can only hope will last forever. Playing classics from Neil Young to the Beatles to Bob Dylan, he always leaves us wanting more, and its always a mellow way to spend a Wednesday evening with a pint and a pasty.

Thursday, the 9th we have live acoustic music with Benyaro (NY) and Brian Biehle of local rock band Moot. Benyaro sounds like early Tom Waits and Brian's music is driving bass heavy rock and roll.

More great acoustic music on Friday the 10th with TJ McNulty, Kevin Mason Hull, and Denver Saunders.

On Saturday, August 11th it's Audiodrome! with Karen Chu, Serna Spacey, Mike ColossalTrunk of Funk, and La Fin Absolute Du Monde. Karen is starting the night off with her spin on pop and electronic styles. Mike's electronic and psychedelic music is an energetic departure for the Goose. Trunk of Funk is Mr. P Chill's backing band and even though P won't be here the funk will be! La Fin Absolute Du Monde (SF) describe themselves as "A happy couple that for some odd reason make hella artsy fartsy kinda sad sounding music...ENJOY! Come support creative music by local musical visionaries, and have a fine single malt Scotch!

Wednesday, August 15th, come out to Fox & Goose's Traditional Irish Jam Session, hosted by Laura Tjoekler.  Everyone is welcome and you can grab a pint of Guinness and just listen, or bring an instrument and join in!  Have an Erin Go Bragh(Ireland Forever) sandwich with corned beef, melted swiss cheese, and grilled onions on rye, served with chips.

August 16th, it's The Mike Justis Band. Mike has played at the Goose for many many years.  And his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing. Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, and Steve McLane you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic Folk music.

Wife & Son are a new local art rock group with surfy beats, sweet washed out keys, crunchy guitars and dreamy girl and boy vocals, a la Pixies and Belle & Sebastian. Also performing it's Nick Cohen with his pretty acoustic balladry and Pomegranate from Oakland with their Dinosaur Jr like indie rock. Good music and nice people make Fox & Goose quite a pleasant place to spend your Friday night.

On Saturday the 18th, Fox & Goose welcomes Friendship and Anaura (SF). Friendship is a rowdy companion to any fine ale and makes living in Sacramento so much more realistic. Anaura is the best combination of Supergrass and the Smiths, and will make you feel quite fuzzy inside. Both bands come with equal amounts of melody and sexy hair. Have a pint and plan your next hair style, or just stand there and pretend your a statue!

Super eclectic show at the Goose on Thursday the 23rd. It's acoustic alt rock trio, the Mapletones, electro art duo, Crunk Witch, and new age wordsmith, Mt. Sinai. If this free show doesn't get your senses whirling, than you're just not listening! We love music, and it's not always gentle and cuddly, but this night will be a real diverse experience! Try a Waterloo Sunset and chill out.

Uh-oh... It's Be Brave Bold Robot and their crew of uncontrollable delinquent machine-imals on Friday the 24th. We really like it when they play, but their emotional songs cause customers to lose hair and suffer extreme bouts of weeping and crying fits. Everyone gets over it after a shot of Jamo or two, but you shouldn't take this lightly. The Secret Lives of Squirrels have gone where heavy rock music always wanted: straight to your heart via your ear-hole. Also Shells from Australia is performing her acoustic heartfelt music, she's a singing Aussie princess! Don't miss this incredible Sacramento emo show!

August 25th, it's Jay Shaner and Horse Bodies. Jay is an amazing singer songwriter and has been breaking peoples hearts with his melancholy melodies for days and days. Horse Bodies is a speed folk band from Olympia, Wa and will blow your minds with music influenced by Creedence and Black Sabbath! Don't be a fool, come to this show and have a beer.

On Wednesday the 29th, we're happy to have back Lovelorn OLLA. Lovelorn features Alicia Aspatore's sweet voice and they play old country and pop songs that will tug at your heart strings. OLLA has playful songs, yellow guitars, and shimmying. A free night of lady fronted musical groups!

August 30th at the Goose it's a night of acoustic singer songwriters with Mike James and his hippie folk that combines earthy roots music and creative melodies with lyrics from the soul. Geoff Baker from Los Angeles brings his full baritone voice and songs that convey a sense of loss and regret. Free!

Friday the 31st, Fox & Goose Music presents: The Golden Cadillacs, Biv & the Mneumonics(SF), and Hello Echo(LA). Local honky-tonk greats, The Golden Cadillacs, always bring a great show with top notch musicians and great western songs. Biv is a quirky alt rock group with a full sound and catchy songs all laced up with thick nylon string strumming and sweet melodic vocals kind of like Elliot Smith. Hello Echo is a garagey indie rock band with some old REM-esque rhythms and intelligent poetic lyrics.

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