Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Drop on by your local pub.

If you ever want to hear what's reflecting off the walls of an old pub made out of bricks and a true lust for life, than step on over to Fox & Goose. Come in and grab a pint of your favorite bitter, some chips, and dance along to the local sound! Make this your go to spot, and we promise you won't be disappointed. If you're not sure what to do, then take a private lesson on how it works here.

The 24th, is a really special night for Sacramento and music. We're featuring Lucky Laskowski, Bernadette Conant, and Mark Badovinac. You're gonna wanna come to this even though it's a Thursday, and not just because it's free! These are all top of the line performers, mind you. Seriously, Bernadette is amazing. Lucky is a musical magician whose been making things happen in this town for a really long time. And Mark is just a ridiculously talented song writer. Why is there any question? Get over here!

Here's some more music for your broken heart. The Golden Cadillacs are back for the first time in quite a while on Friday, May 25th. They bring soulful honky-tonk with really good songwriting, and always excellent musicianship. And for the first time at the Goose it's Brett Shady and his great songs. There's something really cozy about the Cadillacs at this old pub. Come out and have a couple London Prides, and enjoy our patio in between sets!

Saturday the 26th, it's Pushtonawanda, The White Walls, and Tyler Ragle. Pushtonawanda features Alex Bohl, Scott McConaha, Manuel Tsihlas and Ian McGlone. They always fill the pub with good tunes and friendly faces. The White Walls features John DeNecochea and they've got a fun Americana/rock style. Tyler Ragle is a good songwriter and you can hear his stuff here. Come support local music and have a Banger on a Bun with English Cheddar!

On Wednesday, May 30th, Fox & Goose welcomes Montreal based artist Chris Velan. He doesn't fit the typical singer/songwriter mold. A classically trained guitarist, he uses live looping to create rhythmic and melodically layered arrangements to perform his songs. Also performing, it's local rock band Donner with their energetic straight forward rock sound. 

The 31st is Aaron Welch and Scott Graham. Aaron played guitar in Sacto punk band Another Damn Disappointment and the Golden Cadillacs. Here he is singing and playing guitar in our intimate pub setting. His friends Scott Graham and Scooter McGavin are gonna play too. Come out and see some free music and have a nutburger!

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