Friday, March 24, 2017

April 2017 Goose Music

Saturday, April 1st
Spacewalker, Katmonkeys, Dolores 5000

Join us for a spectacular night of music! Spacewalker is the proclaimed kid sister of rock & roll and the queen of interstellar beats.  The Katmonkeys are a surreal, gender vague, sex positive, kink friendly, band of fashion tragedies. Dolores 5000 is a dream rock guitar-virtuoso.

Friday, April 7th
Kevin & Allyson Seconds, Dino the Girl, and Mason Hoffman

Kevin and Allyson Seconds are back with another songwriter's in the round session. This time it's with Dino the Girl and Mason Hoffman

Saturday, April 8th
FEM DOM COM - Female Dominated Comedy

This will be spectacular! Hosts Jaime Fernandez and Emma Haney have put together another hilarious night of female comedians for you at the pub. 

Friday, April 14th
Que Bossa

Come spend a romantic spring evening with the best local bossanova group around, Que Bossa!

Saturday, April 15th
Toadmortons (acoustic) and Smoke Shovelers

Hey, this as a special acoustic Toadmortons show with a banjo and mandolin duo called Smoke Shovelers.

Friday, April 21st
Jingle Monks and Stephen Yerkey

Scotty McConaha's Jingle Monks are like three fine spring chickens jangling catchy lovey songs perfect for your favorite sweetheart. Stephen Yerkey plays quirky Americana-pop.

Saturday, April 22nd
Jumbuck Mob and Side Wheeler String Band

Jumbuck Mob do Australian music inspired by and in remembrance of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). Side Wheeler String Band play Traditional Folk and Bluegrass.

Friday, April 28th
Would-be Train Robbers and Mike Mullen's Trio of One

Would-be Train Robbers play in your face rock & roll and Mike Mullen is a multi-faceted solo show, combining blistering Celtic folk with an underlying rock energy.

Saturday, April 29th
Joshua David's Album Release featuring James Cavern

A very special intimate night with Joshua David and James Cavern. This is Josh's album release party and everybody knows who James Cavern is. Indie-soul, neo-soul, nice guys.

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