Sunday, February 26, 2017


Friday, March 3rd
The Bottom Feeders and Sly Park

Check us out! Sly Park opens the show with their rock & roll and bluesy organ filled soul. Stick around for The Bottom Feeders with dirty garage sounds and indie rock of the Strokesy variety. Wonderful local live music at your Fox & Goose Public House. Please enjoy a beer.

Saturday, March 4th
Garble and Hatchet Job

My friends and I agree... Hatchet Job is in your face garage rock and punk. The Stooges and The Bad Seeds come to mind when these lads get the bricks shaking. Sounding like all the best post-punk bands from Fugazi to Sonic Youth to Wire, Garble will leave you speechless. This is a Sacramento punk show featuring people who have made music here for decades and will continue to bring art, music and crucial and important messages to our community. Join us and support compassionate and creative local punk rock!

Friday, March 10th
Kyle Tuttle

With influences from Van Morrison to George Harrison, Kyle Tuttle plays positive bluesy acoustic music. Tonight he's bringing his full band. Join us for some bluesy rock and roll.

Saturday, March 11th
Kevin & Allyson Seconds, Natalie Cortez, and Joe Kojima Gray

Hey, stop in and stay and listen to the wondrous harmonies from Kevin and Allyson Seconds. This time around they've brought songwriters Natalie Cortez (Ultraviolets) and Joe Kojima "Koj" Gray (50-Watt Heavy and Loose Engines). Expect kind and especially talented performances from these cool Sacramento songwriters!

Friday, March 17th
St. Patrick’s Day with The Pikeys and Tartan & Tweed

Alrighty, mate... it's time for all you Saint Paddy's peoples to lose your goose at our annual St. Patrick's Day. It's a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic. Sweet clovery guys are on one over here. Come early at 4pm, or later if you like, and indulge in the festivities including shamrocky music from Tartan and Tweed, our special bagpipes performance, a green singalong, and the raucous and exhilarating rock & roll of The Pikeys. Get yourself swaying with music by The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys, and don't forget our corned beef and cabbage.

Saturday, March 18th
Fem Dom Com (Female Dominated Comedy)

Hey, it's another installment of FEM DOM COM (Female Dominated Comedy) hosted by the fascinating and tremendous Emma Haney and the ridiculous and sophisticated Jaime Fernandez. It's absolutely hilarious and dominated by incredible women. Support your women, cause they’re why you’re here. Right? Am I right? You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them!

Friday, March 24th

Catchakoala, plays an exciting fusion of soul, funk, jazz and spoken word. Covering a wide range of styles may be a difficult task for most bands, but when teamed up with ZFG emcee and educator Paul Willis, Catchakoala elevates its live performance with introspective lyricism and classic hip-hop elements.

Saturday, March 25th
The Gold Souls and Stoneberry

Get out and about! It's the Goose debut of The Gold Souls with their original jazzy blues that will give you all the feels. Check out acoustic rock & roll from the always entertaining Stoneberry. Maybe have a ollalieberry scone with Devonshire cream. They're hecka good.

Friday, March 31st
The Brangs and Lucky Laskowski & the Liars Choir

Let's be realistic... The Brangs are pure rock & roll and should be enjoyed at a fantastic pub made of bricks and wood. They'll show you how to enjoy yourself and satisfy your longing. Lucky is a man of wisdom and miraculous songy talents. Bring your relatives and make them drink Scotch or come alone and eat Welsh Rarebit. Either way don't miss these guys.

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