Sunday, October 23, 2016

Goosey Times in November!

Friday, November 4th
Kevin & Allyson Seconds and Anton Barbeau
Kevin Seconds is back with another songwriter's in the round session and it's always great to have this international punk songwriter here at the Goose.

Saturday, November 5th
Flyin Cowboy & the Wild Horses and The Wandering Fellows
Stillwood Sages is Rosevillian alt-rock and blues. Wandering Fellows is acoustic folk rock. Beer!!! Be here!!!

Friday, November 11th
Que Bossa

Que Bossa is amazing and the only bossanova band in Sac as far as I know. Bossanova is a genre of Brazilian music made popular in the 50's and 60's. Listen to some Astrud Gilberto and you'll hear what these people do. So good!

Saturday, November 12th
This will be spectacular. Jaime Fernandez has put together this cool night of female comedians for you at the pub. Don't worry, they won't kill you. They are dominating this show, but I don't think they want to harm us.

Friday, November 18th
Cold Eskimo, Duke Chevalier, and Alex Walker
Welcome back indie pop booboos, Cold Eskimo. Sweethearts making wonderfully melodic and creative songs. Rachelle's voice is a dream and they always deliver a uniquely entertaining set! Duke Chevalier paints a landscape where both ancient spiritual and futurist post-everything worldviews dance together in an anxious harmony. Alex Walker is like a chunk of fine stinky cheese combined with Branston Pickle and a warm roll on an overcast day. Try the Ploughman's Repast and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Saturday, November 19th
Massive Delicious Duo plus special guest

Dylan and Andre are the co-frontguys of Massive Delicisious and they blend reggae, soul, funk and jazz. So talented and fun. Goose-people love these guys. This time there might be a little upright bass from a Goose-guy.

Friday, November 25th
Met Music Benefit: Catchakoala, Gabe Nelson, Pat Reilly Trio
Catchakoala, plays an exciting fusion of soul, funk, jazz and spoken word. Covering a wide range of styles may be a difficult task for most bands, but when teamed up with ZFG emcee and educator Paul Willis, Catchakoala elevates its live performance with introspective lyricism and classic hip-hop elements. Gabe Nelson is Bellygunner he's an amazing songer and singer. The Pat Reilly Trio is basically The Met Charter school's house band. Pat is the musical director and puts together these fundraisers to help kids experience making music. Support local live music and help kids play music.

Saturday, November 26th
Anton Barbeau, Allyson Seconds, & Noah Nelson
Anton plays olde fashioned psychedelic laptop pop, and he produced Allyson Seconds new solo album. Allyson is an all-around wonderful person and here she is playing her fun poppy songs for us. Noah is a super-hero guitarist/singer/songy fella and a nice neighbor. I like to hang out in his yard and chase the shade in the summer.\

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