Monday, March 21, 2016

Lose your goose in April!

Thank you for all the Goose-music, Sacramento! 
Kevin & Allyson Seconds, Grub Dog Mitchell, and Jackson Griffith
Friday, April 1st

Kevin Seconds is here every first Friday of the month, and this time he's bringing Allyson, Grub Dog, and Jackson Griffith. Kevin is a magical song creature that constantly emits chunes. With his powerful superhero wife, Allyson, they are able to harmonize the entire world. Grub Dog is an Austin based singer, drummer, and leader of Sacramento's Amazing Sweethearts. Welcome back, Dog. He is a very nice man. Jackson is a great flower photographer, writer, and songwriter.

Infinite Vastness, Jeremy Settles and Devin Galdieri
Saturday, April 2nd

Infinite Vastness is pure Davis rock. They play real rock. Not just your dad's rock, it's new rock too. Rock hard guitars, rock solid drums, and rocking vocals. Rock! Solo songwriters, Jeremy Settles and Devin Galdieri play the Goose. Devin is from Davis band, the Liabilities, and Jeremy is also from Davis. Enjoy some cool guys and songs and bricks and beer and bangers and Branston Pickle and bourbon and bellies and Brian. There's gotta be a Brian here.

C.F.R. and Thought Squad
Friday, April 8th

Goose-music welcomes back psychedelic live trip hoppian laser lizards C.F.R. These guys will make you think about stuff you didn't know existed. They'll take you on a real groovey trip. Don't be afraid, it will eventually fade away. Just stay positive and surrender to the journey. Also involved is Thought Squad, which features some members of Ideateam. Mind expanders, unite!! 

Saturday, April 9th
Antique Naked Soul (r&b/hip-hop/beat-box)
Goose-music presents: Antique Naked Soul. We are so happy to have this wonderful group back. Pure and crucial hip-hop with dope harmonies and the best beat boxer you've ever heard. Loops and surprises meet such fun entertaining talent, you can't miss this exclusive Sacramento performance in your favorite pub!
Golden Shoulders and Sarah Bethe Nelson featuring Rusty Miller
Friday, April 15th
An evening of delightsome music with Nevada City's Golden Shoulders (featuring the great Dave Brockman) and returning hero Sarah Bethe Nelson (featuring the also-very-great Rusty Miller)! As a friend, I think you should attend this show.

One-Eyed Reilly and The Jumbuck Mob
Saturday, April 16th

Welcome back to One-Eyed Reilly and The Jumbuck Mob. What do Irish bands do the rest of the year? Well if you're these guys you keep playing and playing well. Jumbuck do Australian music inspired by and in remembrance of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). It's some guys from The Pikeys playing Australiacana. Reilly is a stiff uppercut and a shot of Powers for your troubles, and here's a pint of gat!

Sly Park
Friday, April 22

"Mix up a random sampling of alternative, punk, Americana, and R&B in a blender and you'll get a unique concoction of original rock 'n roll music that can only be delivered with the integrity of Sacramento's own SLY PARK." Love these guys, and their keyboardist is moving away so catch them before he goes.

Adam Varona and TBA
Saturday, April 23
He went away, but now he’s back. He songs, he sings. He’s a dreamer and a midnight screamer. Have a pint and a pasty you cheeky monkey.
Surface Tension
Friday, April 29th

Surface Tension plays a unique style of blues, jazz, and rock with great vocal harmonies and upbeat danceable rhythms. Sweet music by sweet people at a sweet pub!

Waste Money and Clast
Saturday, April 30
Waste Money is Elijah Jenkins from Eli & the Soundcult playing solo with neat sounds and beats behind his lyrical mouthy areas. Lots of looping, sampling and synth magic. Clast is Tom and my long lost pal Kelly B from Oklahoma. It's all moody post-punk electro-rock. Look what I can do! Here's the new full length here:

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