Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hi, it's July! There's great music at the Goose!

We've got some fun bands playing in July! Let's have a cold beverage and get our groove on at the Goose! Every Wednesday is Northern Soul! and Cornhole! our weekly night of classic rare soul music, rocksteady, ska, and northern soul. Come toss some corn sacks and dare to move your hips to the sweet sounds of soulful music!

Thursday we are closed for the 4th of July after 2pm.

Friday is the debut of Tayler the sound guy's new band, Infinite Vastness with San Diego troubadour, Fox Colton. Taylor's got some Pink Floyd influence going on with his bluesy psych rock. Fox is a traveling singer/songwriter whose songs are mostly based on his adventures hopping trains around the country. You should probably have a beer.

Saturday night is Celtic lover boys, One Eyed Reilly’s CD release with all-girl sea-gazers, Freeport featuring Joy Stern. The Reillys rocked the house on St. Paddy's day and everyone was dancing and smiling! They play energetic originals, Irish and Scottish covers, and you may even hear a little Tom Waits or Bob Dylan. Don’t forget to drink London Pride with your Banger on a Bun and grab their new CD.

On the 11th, check out Emily O'Neill, Boscoe's Brood, and Andrew Castro playing friendly acoustic music. Emily goes by Boscoe is influenced by the British Invasion and art rock. Andrew is an acoustic pop singer from SF with a very radio friendly sound. Stilton and Branston Pickle makes me wiggle.  

On Friday enjoy the soulful blues-rock & roll of the energetic and talented Sly Park and Americana by The Bathtub Gins and The Hey-Nows! Sly Park is led by the keen and lively Keir Wilkinson and are influenced by R & B and the Pixies. The Gins are hillbilly country folk from old Sactown that sing about drinkin', drugs, and Mexico. The Hey Nows! are Sac's answer to Big Star.

Saturday night is indie/Americana rockers: Akron Engine from SF and traditional folk from The Dogtown Serenaders. Akron Engine are pretty Neil Youngy, but with more indie rock grittiness. Dogtown are old Sac's Time-travelers band and bring the dusty styles of the old west. There’s great live music at the Goose and you should enjoy it!

Wednesday the 17th of July is our weekly Northern Soul! party, and now it's even better with the addition of the super addictive and ridiculous bag toss game: Cornhole! We'll be holding a tournament once a month, and it's all to the sounds of rare soul and rocksteady reggae soul. It's similar to horseshoes, but involves bags of corn kernels that are tossed at a box with a hole in it. Get a point if you land on the box and 3 if you make it in the hole. Here's a little video on how it works:

The Mike Justis Band plays acoustic folk on Thursday the 18th. Mike has played at the Goose for many many years, and his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing. Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, and Steve McLane, you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic folk music. 

Friday we have magic folk from Salt Wizard fronted by the lovely Rachel Lomax, Amercana from the Family Bandits, and soul pop from Tony Ferrari. Get your music fix at the Goose! 

Saturday night it’s indie pop from Gillian Underwood and indie country from Hair of the Dawg and Million Dollar Giveaway. Bring a friend and enjoy quality music and a great selection of imported beer!

Thursday, July 25th it’s acoustic indie pop from Martin Purtill and indie folk from Josh Powell & The Great Train Robbery. Martin's a crooner and Josh is a spooner Anderson, IN. Drink beer and listen to music at Fox & Goose!

Friday it’s great local indie rock bands: Twomey, Olympus Mons, and Kenny Rego and The Law of One Band. Twomey Americana rock influenced by the Stones and Beach Boys. Olympus is guitar rock with a dark sadness kinda like Supergrass. Kenny plays Tom Petty style folky Americana. Listen to music and drink locally. 

Saturday the 27th is funky soul from Funk.defied and Tha Dirt Feelin’ and indie rock from The Strange. Funk.defied is full on funk with the beautiful Anniah Kaliffee. Dirt Feelin' is soul rock fronted by the miraculous Marque Cass. The Strange is desert rock from Santa Fe NM.

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