Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Goose is Loose!

Oh my... It's March already! There's great music and fun times to be had at the old Goose. Don't forget to reserve the Chartwell room for an exclusive event and enjoy our outdoor seating out front in this beautiful weather. Here's our music calendar and newsletter. Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day with One-Eyed Reilly and The Pikeys on Sunday, March 17th!

Holy shoot! Friday the 1st it’s John Conley of local dream pop heroes Desario, 8 Ball Aitken from Australia via Nashville playing swampy blues, luscious indie blues from Sam Coe’s band Sands, and straight up rock & roll from 50-Watt Heavy. We hope everyone is enjoying the shows in the front room. Feels like everything makes sense now.

Saturday we have uber-indie charlatan Erik Spencer, woodsy indie folk from Akron Engine, and Americana folk punk from Bob Easton-Waller’s Midway Marvels. Stilton and Branston Pickle make me wiggle! 

On Wednesday, March 6th, drop by and chill out to some great old soul and rocksteady music with our weekly Northern Soul night. It's an early session from 8 to 11pm so don't show up too late! With Austin Robbins, Avi Jones (Rude Roots), and Andy Garcia (Work Your Soul) providing the soundtrack for all you soulful music lovers, we may just end up moving some tables and shaking things up! Let this be your midweek release and grab a pint, a bite at nite, maybe some darts, and get the party started right! It's inspired by the northern soul music scene from Wigan, but we do play rare soul, rocksteady, and other soul styles. We're also down for featured artists in all the different soul genres. Yeah!

Every first Thursday of the month is Jay Shaner's night and on the 7th of March he will be playing an intimate set with his band. These guys are amazing, with Steve Randall and Jay's guitar interplay, the ultra solid rhythm section of Erik Warren and Anthony Ordonez, and Jay's richly melodic songwriting, you're in for a real special show. Also performing is Snowblind Traveler from San Francisco playing Elliot Smith meets Paul Simon style songs.

The 8th is rock from Face 4 Radio and Panther & Bear Fight who specialize in thematic sing-along performances with a ghastly Victorian-era flair. Face plays rock & roll with a country flavor. Panther is from the foothills and plays ghostly metal hits of the 1880s. Sounds fun! Put your Fireball in a Crispin!

Saturday the 9th is a real doozy: Picture Atlantic is pure British indie rock like if Arctic Monkeys joined forces with Oasis, Bellygunner is Gabe Nelson’s incredible force of musical genius ready to battle all evil douchebaggery, and the Spirit of St. Louis is like a large glass of Orangina on a hot summer day. Please don’t forget to come to the Goose a minimum of 2 times per week and drink yourself fitter.

On Thursday the 14th check out Step Jane and Professor Gall(PDX). Step Jane's theatrical performances are influenced by Slavic music, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and John Rutter. Professor Gall's sound is "a tincture of junkyard folk and steampunk jazz." Sounds interesting."

Friday it’s indie folk from A Thousand Years at Sea and female fronted tunes from Melody Walker and Railflowers. A bit of Irishness from A Thousand Years with their Mumford like troubadour sounds. Railflowers from Chico are Americana with lovely three-part female harmonies. Melody is from SF and is self-described Americali/folk pop. Let’s get this massive weekend started! 

The 16th is our pre-St. Pat’s party with traditional Irish music from Stepping Stone and Bobby & The Kennedys and rock & roll from Sly Park and the Followers of Sunshine. Stepping Stone plays traditional Celtic music and is opening the show, Sly Park and Followers play American rock & roll, and Bobby will close the show with more Irish music. Plan on plenty of Guinny and whiskey!

The real St. Patrick's day party will be Sunday night with One-Eyed Reilly and The Pikeys. Cover begins at 4pm with a sliding scale from $2 to $10 into the evening. Music goes from 6pm till midnight! It's definitely our biggest event of the year so pace yourself. Kiss a ginger! The warehouse will be rockin’ so you may wanna get Monday off in advance… Erin Go Bragh!!!

Thursday, the 21st it’s Fontaine Classic playing mystical indie folk and Low Tide Riot playing r&b flavored roots reggae with a jam band aesthetic, but probably playing solo... Either way looks like a real humdinger! Act like your in the military and drink some Captain Black IPA by local sweethearts Ruhstaller and eat banger rolls.

The 22nd is Kevin Seconds, Noah Nelson, and Bobby Jordan’s singer/songwriter face off! Sit back and listen to these amazing songwriters in our lovely, intimate public house. Kevin is a very prolific writer and has released at least 20 albums. Noah is in The Cigarette Machine and is a great writer. Bobby Jordan is from the Knock-offs and The Mr. T Experience and will bring some serious challenges for the other contenders in this super-song battle of wits and sheer melodic sorcery! 

Saturday is rocksteady from O Street and Sacto Soul Rebels with R&B and indie soul from Hans & the Hot Mess. O Street features the sweet vocals of Shiree and the Rebels feature new singer Megan, while Hans is a true crooner. Come back for breakfast the next morning. Put corned beef hash on your Benedict Arnold you silly little goose!

The Mike Justis Band plays acoustic folk on Thursday the 28th. Mike has played at the Goose for many many years, and his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing. Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, and Steve McLane, you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic folk music. 

The 29th is Sam Eliot playing his amazing indie rock like Girls meets Tom Petty with Americana duo The Bradfords and southwest troubadour, Jeordie. Sam is absolutely brilliant! Don't miss this show or you will grow spider legs from your eyes and have the taste of sardines in your mouth permanently... guaranteed.

Saturday is country Americana from Mike Blanchard & the Californios and pop and country from Lovelorn. Lovelorn features the lovely voice of Alicia Aspatore and fancy guitaritry by her man John. Mike is from the Tattooed Love Dogs and his wife is like a female version of Robert Plant! Be a doll and fetch me some Smithwick's from the barman, would you darling?