Saturday, January 7, 2012

February is here and Fox & Goose is still the best place to get a pint of lager, some chips, and see some of the best music to come through Sacramento.  Let's take a look at who's gonna play!

Normandie Wilson and The Golden Hour are on tour and bringing their great music and fun vibe to the Goose.  They are super fun and you should not miss this free show.  Also on the bill is local accordion rocker Julie the Bruce.  She will entertain the socks off ya!

February 2nd we're bringing back the Avalanche duo with their beautiful violin and guitar music. From classical, to old country folk, to blue grass, Avalanche was hand picked by the Fox & Goose's founder Bill Dalton. He met them at a friends wedding and invited them to come play, and we are very, very happy to have them. Check them out here. Have a Mulled Wine and enjoy their sweet melodies.

On Friday, February 3rd we've got Majesty, which features the amazing Mike Diaz.  Mike has fronted some great Sacramento bands, such as, the super soul injected Payback, the psych-rock group Red Tyger Church, and the Sacto super group Pretty Girls.  Described by Andy Laughlin as "the breakdancing illegitimate love child of young Rod Stewart and Aretha Franklin."  Don't miss this show... seriously.  Also playing is Crossing the River with their grooves and afro/soul rhythms and Vanderslices.

Saturday the 4th, it's Kevin Seconds.  He's the founder of 7Seconds, Sacramento's original punk rock band.  His music has taken him around the world and then some.  He's brought Jay Shaner who has been a long time Fox & Goose favorite.  Always sweet, but his lyrics will break your heart.  And a new one, Filthy Luke will bring his version of acoustic chaos.  It'll be a night of acoustic/independent music.  Come out and support live music and eat a nut burger!

And always a Goose fave, we have Steve McLane on Wednesday the 8th and 22nd. Steve has been playing at Fox & Goose since the early days. His smooth voice and perfect guitar playing are the vibe we can only hope will last forever. Playing classics from Neil Young to the Beatles to Bob Dylan, he always leaves us wanting more, and it's always a mellow way to spend a Wednesday evening with a pint and a pasty.

Thursday, February 9th we bring Hans and The Hot Mess and Martin Purtill.  Hans Eberbach is the front man for The Nibblers and here we find him looping tracks in Ableton Live.  If he doesn't use his super soulful voice to lure you in than he must have something else up his sleeve.  And we're also happy to welcome back Mr. Martin Purtill.  He's a great songwriter and always gets people all messy too!  Come out and have some Belhaven Scottish Ale.  We've got a Banger on a Bun with your name on it...

Next up, Friday, February 10th we have the Lovelorn Trio, Hank Biggs, and Big Iron.  Classic country meets rockabilly and honky tonk.  Bring a date and hear some great tunes by some of Sacramento's best musicians.  Big Iron is a great heavy hitting band with pedal steel and great lyrics.  Hank Biggs is a classic Rockabilly crooner and brings the high energy we like.  The Lovelorn Trio sets the tone with sweet Patsy-esque vocals by Alicia Aspatore.  Come celebrate Valentines Day early with Fox & Goose and bring your sweetheart!

Super Second Saturday: we've got Alma Desnuda, Pushtonawanda, and The Inversions.  You can check out the art upstairs in the Fuller Building next door, and then come see some great music at the Goose.  Alma Desnuda(Spanish for Naked Soul) is a super fun acoustic soul band from San Francisco.  Pushtonawanda is Sacramento's answer to Jim Morrison with a splash of Bob Dylan.  And old Goose faves, The Inversions, always bring sweet, lush pop melodies a la the Pixies and the Shins.  Don't miss this show, and have a Pint of Fuller's ESB to make it a perfect night!

Wednesday, February 15th, it's Fox & Goose's Traditional Irish Jam Session, hosted by Laura Tjoekler.  Everyone is welcome and you can grab a pint of Guinness and just listen, or bring an instrument and join in!  Have an Erin Go Bragh(Ireland Forever) sandwich with corned beef, melted swiss cheese, and grilled onions on rye, served with chips.

On Thursday the 16th it's The Mike Justis Band.  Mike has played at the Goose for many many years.  And his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing.  Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, and Steve McLane you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic Folk music.

Friday the 17th we've got yet another classic F & G lineup with Carly DuHain and Sean Kilcoyne.  Both accomplished singer songwriters, Carly has been sharing vocals with Dean Haakenson(Be Brave) and bringing the emo-americana sound for quite a while.  Sean has fronted the Trainwreck Revival which sounds like a CCR/Black Crows mash-up.  Don't miss this night of great sounds!

Next we have Dead Horses on Saturday, February 18th.  An all girl band fronted by Sailor Lane, and featuring Dahlia Deathstrike, and Jane Strummer.  The girls say they sound like love being made on a beach, in a distant land, with sun shining, liquor flowing, and the sounds of exotic birds ca-cawing in the background.  And their favorite bands include The Clash, X, and the Pixies.  Definitely some of my favorites.  Gotta come out and have a Newcy Brown and shake out the weekend!  Also performing we have The Secret Lives of Squirrels and The Island of Black & White.

On Thursday, February 23rd we have another great show at the Goose!  It's Be Brave Bold Robot, featuring the super-dramatic songwriting of Sacramento's one and only true to life-lover: Dean Haakerson.  Definitely a Goose favorite, Dean brings his band of crazy eclectic musicians, always in top form.  Along for the ride are Johnny Unicorn and Autumn Electric, both on tour from Seattle, Washington.  Johnny Unicorn's universe is inspired by Frank Zappa and Steve Martin, and Autumn Electric features glockenspiels, flute, and accordion, and is bound to be kinky!  Don't miss this free show, and if you like it, throw something in the hat so they can make it to the next town on their tour.

Uh-oh... Here's a preview of what's to come!  Friday the 24th, it's Whiskey & Stitches bringing their brand of Irish pub music!  The Irish say "beauty suffers no pain," and these guys show you how it's done.  Also, don't miss out on Mike Blanchard and the Californios who will bring classic country and rockabilly rhythms that will make this night a huge celebration of traditional bar music from California to Ireland!

And next, keeping with the traditional sounds of California: The Goose is happy to have KB and the Slingtones out with there country swing sound combined with dancers and the Vintage Vandals.  They're full effect rockabilly and won't let you sit still.  Come out and support local music.  Keep the dream alive!

Coming February 29th, it's San Francisco's Greg Lamboy.  He's an acoustic singer/songwriter with a huge sound and nice catalog of original modern folk music.  Greg is a memeber of the West Coast Songwriters and plays his own style of folk pop.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Live Music at Fox & Goose January 2012

Happy New Year everyone!  Larry Rodriguez shook the Goose Saturday night.  My head is still reeling from the shear mass of positivity and funk that filled our old public house!  So thank you to everyone for making it a fun and safe New Year's party, I have a feeling we'll see Larry again next year.

Alice Wallace is coming from Orange County with some sweet country on Wednesday the 4th with Sacramento's Lovelorn Trio featuring Alicia Aspatore's lovely voice, John Aspatore on guitar, and Tom Mackerness on stand-up bass. Alice Wallace is on tour supporting her new album Sweet Madness. Don't miss this show!  Come have some Hot Spiced Cider and a Nutburger.

January 5th we see the Avalanche duo bringing beautiful violin and guitar music. From classical to old country folk to blue grass, Avalanche was hand picked by the Fox & Goose's founder Bill Dalton. He met them at a friends wedding and invited them to come play, and we are very, very happy to have them. Check them out here. Have a Mulled Wine and enjoy their sweet melodies.

Next, it's the beautiful Tessie Marie and The Poor Man Band on Friday the 6th.  One of Sacramento's most exciting bands! They feature some this town's best musicians with Ratatat Pat on drums, Allie Marcel on stand-up bass, and new member Steve Kroan on guitar. They are gonna fill the Goose with classic blues and country. You'll fall in love with them for sure.

Saturday, January 7th we have the amazing Chris Fairman back. His haunting vocals are perfect for the Goose. He's got great lyrics and melodies. This time he's bringing a band too. Can't wait for this show. Chris is definitely a hidden gem and will bring you back wanting more.  We also see the return of San Jose's Picture Atlantic!  This band is pure melodic indie pop at it's best.  Don't miss this one.

Of course we have Steve McLane on Wednesday the 11th. Steve has been playing at Fox & Goose since the early days. His smooth voice and perfect guitar playing are the vibe we can only hope will last forever. Playing classics from Neil Young to the Beatles to Bob Dylan, he always leaves us wanting more, and it's always a mellow way to spend a Wednesday evening with a pint and a pasty.

On Thursday January 12th we have Felsen all the way from West Oaktown with Katie Knipp. "Felsen's music is both smart and sexy and is always catchy. It demands repeated listening. This is for Alt Rock fans of WilcoRadiohead, the Flaming Lips, Beck AND fans of the classic sound of Pink Floyd, the Beach Boys and the Beatles."Katie Knipp is a new soul that incorporates old blues, torch piano, and harmonica hungry alt country.

Back by popular demand, Friday the 13th we have the Fortunate Few with the Bleeding Hearts, and Colonel Jimmy and The Blackfish. Mike Strauch brings back his sounds of Honky Tonk, Rockabilly and Vintage Country! We love Mike and all the bands he's been in here in Sac.  So don't miss this night!

 Second Saturday, the 14th, we are happy to bring from San Francisco the super lush tones of Ash Reiter. Such a great band with amazing songs. We can't stop listening to their new EP. They are a five piece indie pop band drawing comparisons to Feist, Morning Benders, Sondre Lerche and the Shins.  Also on the bill is The Heather Show, featuring Heather Frederick singing about her life and the delightful Walking Spanish.  This is by far the most important thing going on in Sacramento on January's Second Saturday!

The 20th is a Friday and we very happy to have the infamous Musical Charis and the amazing Souterrain on the bill. Musical Charis is a cabaret of multi-instrumental musicians who constantly tour, write and record new material. The band even made time to open "Musical Charis Music School" for low-income families in Sacramento. Members of the band teach private piano, guitar, and voice lessons to over 50 youngsters in the area. They have been compared to U2, MGMT, and Fleetwood Mac. The Souterrain consists of Irish singer Lauren Norton and her Davis, CA friends. They play a hybrid folk/acoustic style. Their bio says, "Folk cures, lullabies, and revenge fantasies all have their home in our soundscape." Also on the bill is The Black Swans  from Columbus, Ohio.  This is gonna be a really special night.  Don't miss it.

Next up, Saturday the 21st, we get Captain Billy's Whiz Bang! featuring Dave Downey of The Lizards/Pounded Clown, Lory Gilpatrick from Rad/Riff Randles, a guy named Jaz Brown, and Kortnee Bartnett from Riff Randals.  This will be a night of pure Rock & Roll abandon.  The Manchus from Santa Rosa will also bring very sturdy riffs!  Also from Bellingham, WA Jordan Rain is bringing RHOMBU$, touring in support of their new EP: No Fancy Girlfriends.  This will be a fun night, so come blow off some steam and have a pint...

The 27th, has The Music Room in support of their new EP: Live While You're Alive playing with David Rosenfield on tour from Clearwater, Florida.  David's a quirky folkstar traveling around singing about what he'd like to do with the %1.  This will be sweet.  You should come early and have a Banger on a Bun with English Cheddar and Chips!

You have to come see our new favorites Cold Eskimo on Saturday January 28th.  This band is moody and eclectic, and energetic and pretty.  A full sound with these guys, and they're bringing Golden Youth and Sean Fleming.  Come out and support live music at Fox & Goose.  We promise you won't be disappointed.  There's something for everyone at this old pub.