Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's getting cold again...

Time to go to your favorite pub for some hearty food and great entertainment!  Lot's of exciting music to be heard in November. Check out who's playing!

Thursday the 1st is the release party for Jay Shaner’s new self-produced album “Ruth.” We love Jay, so come out and hear his beautifully crafted music straight from the heart. It’s a perfect soundtrack for the fall! John Conley and some of Jay's other friends will be opening. Come get your copy of this soulful music made by one of Sactown's best songwriters.

Friday November 2nd, Fox & Goose welcomes punk accordion by Julie the Bruce, acoustic Clashy-ness from the Beneficiaries, and country/bluegrass from the Delta City Ramblers. Julie is a multi-instrumentalist, was a Dj at KDVS, and played in the Secretions. The Beneficiaries are from Stockton and sound like a British band from the 80's (me likey). The Ramblers play booty-shakin' bluegrass! Have a lager and some crisps!

Saturday the 3rd of November don’t miss three great female fronted bands: Big Tree is from Berkeley and is simply amazing, totally original, and their songs are super well written. Oh and the harmonies. Emily Kollars has a beautiful soulful voice and her band is full of Sacramento’s best musicians. Spangler is also back to bring down the public house with their cool, laid back Americana. If you like talented ladies and enjoy beer then come to this show. Big Tree is my new favorite band... just sayin'

Wednesday the 7th come enjoy an evening with acoustic singer/songwriters Austin Quattlebaum and John Gruber. Austin is a rowdy banjo, mandolin, dobro, and guitar player with cool songs and a gravely voice. John is bluesy and artsy with a classic southern style. Get over here!


Thursday it’s original acoustic music from Jim Raines and Jim Funk. Raines has a mellow country rock feel mixed with a little Elliot Smith. Funk has a poppy sound like if the Kinks and the Moody Blues got in a melody battle. Melody battles are not unlike freestyle rap battles, but involve melodies instead of lyrics. Have a beer.

Friday the 9th it’s the rock & roll powerhouse known as 50-Watt Heavy, Sherman Baker with his full band, and John Conley of Desario doing a solo set. 50-Watt Heavy features the heavy southern rock/Elvis Costello songwriting of one Joseph Kojima Gray and will rip you a new ear hole. Sherman Baker is a modern grunge star with all the angst of a teenager forced onto Prozac. Conley is an amazing artist and a great singer/songwriter in the vein of Stone Roses, Built to Spill and the Shins. So this show is gonna be huge! The Goose is on fire! 


Saturday night, Element of Soul is here to reggae-rock your face off with the beautiful and talented Autumn Sky and indie rockers Solwave from SF. You should probably have a pasty… Element of Soul believes in musical unity, blending rock, reggae, soul, and hip hop. Autumn Sky has a new darker edge with her band, but all the while bringing lush, beautiful songs. Solwave crafts energetic, electronic groove and dance rock, with a surprisingly deep and so(u)lful edge. 


On Wednesday November 14th it's Steve McLane. Steve has been playing at Fox & Goose since the early days. His smooth voice and excellent guitar playing create the atmosphere we can only hope will last forever. Playing classics from Neil Young to the Beatles to Bob Dylan, he always leaves us wanting more, and its always a mellow way to spend a Wednesday evening with a pint and a pasty.

Thursday we welcome Noah Petterson’s loopy saxophone improvisations and catchy indie folk from Awkward Lemon. Noah is from Portland and plays jazz with himself with looper pedals. Awkward Lemon a fun gypsy folk band. Bring a friend and enjoy great free entertainment and have a yummy hot spiced cider! 

Friday the 16th it’s Britpop from Bang On (SF), coldwave from In Letter Form (SF), and shoegaze from locals Master Morya. Bang On does all your favorites, from Blur, to Radiohead, to the Smiths. In Letter Form is a masterpiece of pure dark art pop in the vein of Joy Division and Echo & The Bunnymen. Master Morya brings the lush My Bloody Valentine guitars. Don't miss this great show!


Saturday, November 17th get lost in the music of Cold Eskimo, Dog Catcher, and Sam Eliot and the Market Club Gang. They are all unique, atmospheric, and distinct rock bands. Cold Eskimo is both hooky and artsy in their good feelin' alt-rock sound. The band shines with creativity and passionate vocals. Dog Catcher is poppy and danceable and Sam Eliot is like if the Cars and Girls made an album. Let’s have a Smithwick’s!

On Wednesday the 21st come out to Fox & Goose's Traditional Irish Jam Session, hosted by Laura Tjoekler.  Everyone is welcome and you can grab a pint of Guinness and just listen, or bring an instrument and join in!  Have an Erin Go Bragh (Ireland Forever) sandwich with corned beef, melted swiss cheese, and grilled onions on rye, served with chips.

On Friday the 23rd its rock band Spirit of St. Louis, singer/songwriter Sean Fleming, and sweet songs by Lovelorn. Spirit of St. Louis is influenced by the Beatles and Led Zepplin and will rock your socks off! Sean Fleming writes songs about stars in his eyes and has a wonderful falsetto. Lovelorn is led by the beautiful and talented Alicia Aspatore and mixes old country with 80's pop.

Saturday it’s blues-rock from Jen n General, acoustic pop from Parie Wood, and r&b/pop from Hans & the Hot Mess of the Nibblers. Hans is a neo-soul pop singer on fire! Jen n General is a bluesy rock outfit that features local guitar messiah Mike Farrell. Parie Wood is a fabulous singer/songwriter.


Wednesday the 28th it’s singer/songwriters Odd Moniker, Wes Urbaniak, and Christopher Lods and it’s free! Odd Moniker is Matthew Conklin and he has played in many bands around town. His music is mysterious and majestic! Wes is a d.i.y. artist and musician on tour from Billings and sounds like the musical love child of Jason Mraz and Tracy Chapman. Christopher Lods is an singer/songwriter kind of like Cat Stevens.  

The 29th is The Mike Justis Band. Mike has played at the Goose for many many years, and his brand of classic acoustic music is always refreshing. Featuring Kathy Barwick, Mike Justis, and Steve McLane, you're always in for some great Americana, Blues, and Classic folk music.

Don’t miss a great night of folksy country on Friday the 30th with Mike Blanchard & the Californios and Danielle French. Mike and his wife Laurie play super soulful and energetic traditional western Americana. Danielle is a nomadic singer/songwriter based out of Calgary, Alberta and sings about freedom and heartache.