Sunday, March 4, 2012

Enjoy our new patio and all this exciting entertainment!  St. Pat's may be over, but there's still lot's of great music to come!

Every Tuesday, Morgan McLoughlin hosts the Fox & Goose Pub Quiz.  It's always challenging and always a blast.  She's sure to make you scratch your head and reach for another pint.  Where does she come up with this stuff?  It's a fun way to end your Tuesday and meet a new smarty pants.  Stop by after work and have a Fullers London Porter and some BBC with chips!

On Wednesday April the 4th, it's Lovelorn featuring Alicia and John Aspatore.  From country to pop to bossa they bring a nice mellow vibe to this old pub.  Come by and have some fish & chips and a Twisted Thistle, and enjoy their light and refreshing sounds.  It's like you're sitting in their living room, probably because Alicia has been playing here for a really really long time.  You might even catch her brother Rudy singing and Tom adding some upright bass.  Don't miss this free show!

The Moonshine Mules are a really great rockabilly/bluegrass outfit sneaking into the collective ears of Sacramento.  We're having them  with a rock & roll band called the Whitewalls.  The Mules are a real acoustic treat, with great vocals and true blue melodies.  Another free show featuring some of northern California's best music!

Friday, April 6th Fox & Goose welcomes back The Bennys with their indie folk meets rocksteady styles.  This band is fun and fits our positive vibe and eclectic interests!  Their new video for their song "We Be One" is slick and shows how diverse and exciting this group is.  So cool to have them back with James Cavern and Bob Duke-I.  Bring your friends and enjoy a Nutburger and some ESB.  This will be a night to be remember for sure.

Saturday the 7th, we're very happy to have Kepi Ghoulie and Kevin Seconds back home from the Arms Aloft Social & Musical Roadshow.  Seconds wanted to create a "traveling community" with his friends and singer-songrewriters throughout the punk community.  This time he's bringing Franz Nicholay(Hold Steady) and the Debutante Hour(Brooklyn) back from this US tour to play at our lovely little pub.  This is a great opportunity to see world class performers in a unique and intimate setting.  Come have some banger rolls and a Affligem Tripel and support independent music at Sacramento's Fox & Goose Public House. 

Erik Spencer is an acoustic guitar player/singer-songwriter from Berkeley with an Elliot Smith kind of north west sound.  Also performing on Thursday the 12th its Sly Park, a new local soul-rock/alt-country outfit and acoustic rock guitarist Dante Romandia.  Stop by and enjoy a West End Burger and a Belhaven Scottish Ale while listening to some really good original music.

Friday the 13th is gonna be a fun night to hang out at the Pub. Leave your bad luck at home, and come see Hans Eberbach from The Nibblers. Hans and the Hot Mess is his solo stuff, and it's fun, engaging, and frankly a bit messy (in a good way). LA independent art rockers Sandbox bring their big eclectic sound. They're led by Shane Sweet's "eclectic world, where music is art, art is music, and everthing is creative and original." It's gonna be a good one, so don't miss out!

Get your boots on and prepare for the rockabilly swing it's a Second Saturday Twilight Cockfight!  On April 14th it's The Cockfight Kings and The Twilight Drifters.  Bring your old lady, grab a $2 Oly, and eat a steak sandwich!  Then wash all that down with some back woods honky tonk stompin' and some Bullet Rye Bourbon.  These boys know how to bring the wild west party so don't be shy and get on over here!

On Wednesday, April 25th, it's Steve McLane. Steve's been playing at Fox & Goose since the early days. His mellow voice and excellent guitar playing create the atmosphere we can only hope will last forever. Playing classics from Neil Young to the Beatles to Bob Dylan, he always leaves us wanting more, and it's always a relaxing way to spend a Wednesday evening with a pint and a pasty.

Thursday, April 26th, we've got Brendan Phillips(son of Utah Phillips), Jenn Rawling and Basho Parks, and Kevlar James.  Brendan, Jenn, and Basho originally played together as Fast Rattler, a Portland based Americana group that recorded their 2009 grammy nominated album, "Singing Through The Hard Times: A Tribute to Utah Phillips."  Blending traditional Americana, folk, bluegrass, Irish and Gypsy music with elements of jazz.  Their performance evidences a genre-bending, quicksilver grace that nods to forebears ranging from Pete Seeger and Dave Van Ronk to Tom Waits and Wilco.

On April 27th we welcome to the Fox & Goose stage, the eclectic rock & roll flavors of FriendshipThe Rooftop Underground, and Vanderslices.  This will be an entertaining evening, with some of Sacramento's freshest indie rock vocalists.  Friendship features the unhinged and enigmatic Casey Sims, Rooftop has the raw and unconventional Jayson Angove, and Brittney Burchett fronts the Vanderslices with her ferocious howl.  Come out, have some Fish & Chips, a Stella, and get your groove on with these great bands!

Back for the first time in 2012, it's Rich Driver and his brand of California roots pop.  Always the same and always different.  Rich is for sure one of our most celebrated performers.  We want to keep him a secret, but his impending infamy is well deserved.  And for the first time at the Goose we are very happy to have 50-Watt Heavy.  An all star Sacramento band fronted by Joseph Kojima Gray and sounding like... well... a really heavy (and really good) southern rock band.  I think this will be a great way to spend your Saturday night with a shot of Redbreast and some Corned beef Hash! Don't just read about this on the interweb, get out of your pajamas and get over here!!!